Coture Social Q&A

  1. Is the name of your magazine spelt wrong?

No, we choose to spell Coture Social this way, instead of Couture Social. We like to think that we are innovative, unconventional, like to think outside the box and love to challenge the norm.

  1. What is Coture Social about?

Coture Social was founded by creative individuals who are models, directors, writers and photographers. We wanted to create a magazine that celebrates the notion of what it means to be an influencer; a creative. We believe that influencers are paving the way in the marketing sphere and we respect them greatly. We wanted to write about them in order to celebrate them.

  1. Are you a magazine and/or an agency? What is your star search?

We are a magazine first and foremost. However, we have recently been receiving requests from brands asking us to review their products. Most of our writers simply just love to write; they are not practising influencers. So while they can write about the brand, we wanted our readers to experience the brands and products themselves so they feel that they can achieve a personal relationship with these brands.

We thought about approaching influencers directly and asking them to review the products but then we wanted to help our up and coming bloggers. We receive so many emails from aspiring bloggers asking us how they should approach brands and how can they get their feet on the ladder. So, we came up with the idea of PR searches.

We thought that it would great if we could offer brands the opportunity to work with aspiring bloggers with less than 5000 followers or even less than 1000 followers. The best way to establish this connection was to give that blogger a chance to capture a brand’s attention. So when we run a search, we list the brand’s criteria in that search for the aspiring blogger to perform. If we are looking for 4 bloggers, that usually means that we need 3 established bloggers over 5000 followers and 1 blogger under 5000 to work with a brand.

  1. Why does a blogger need to follow the brand or follow our Coture Social social media accounts?

Well, we are a magazine that wants to be social. This is the best way that we can get any information out to everyone that includes updating bloggers/influencers of any new opportunity. Between trying to keep on top of our emails to readers and also to bloggers asking us about opportunities, liaising with brands, running the magazine as well as searches, it’s just easier to broadcast live via our story and also to either send a quick newsletter or update in terms of our content via our Instagram account.

We uses DM a lot because it’s quicker. If you enter our searches, you must follow our social media accounts, not only to show that you are truly supportive of what we are trying to do but also to  keep you informed about all our opportunities all round. If you are an aspiring blogger and you show a brand that you are willing to support them, they will notice. It also means that you get to know more about a brand you are interested in working with.


  1. What about all of the other steps to follow?

We always list the ones that the brand requests the aspiring blogger to do as mandatory to do such as tweet about the competition. Why wouldn’t we give points for that? We want to grow and if we grow we are able to bring you more opportunities. If we don’t grow then, well, why can’t provide this service. We do this out of passion; all our writers love what they do and so we like to reward everyone who enters the search as you are supporting our growth.

  1. So, we noticed that men can also enter the search? What do you think about that?

We do get a lot of men also entering the search. We do not discriminate. If you are entering the search for yourself, then we will consider you. If it is on the notion to sell the product or to gift the product then, we don’t condone that and so it’s not worth entering. We can spot that.

  1. What about people who entered and did the steps outlined but didn’t win?

We noticed that a lot of people do enter and do some of the mandatory steps outlined by the brand. However, our PR searches especially the fashion-based ones are very popular. So if a bigger blogger performed all the steps and did it well, it is very likely that they will win. This fashion search we just had was very popular so we had a lot of established bloggers entering the search, which is good because it means we can bring you similar brands in the future. But if an established brand performed all the criteria and you didn’t, then it is natural that they will win. When you ask how to become successful as a blogger, well it’s very simple. You do what it takes and as big as some of these bloggers are, they just get stuck in. We don’t expect them to promote us on their page before receiving the products but what we noticed is that some do and most bloggers are happy to support us by tagging their fellow bloggers. This helps us to grow and bring you more opportunities.

  1. How long do these searches last for?

Our searches last for 4 weeks and once a search has been completed, we need up to 14 days to pick the winning bloggers. Sometimes it can be before the 14 days are up and we don’t usually go over the 14 days. Then once we found a winner, we contact them and give the 48 hours to confirm their place. Following the confirmation received from the winner, we make an announcement, after which we contact blogger two etc until we have all winners, then we announce it via social media, newsletter and our website.

  1. How often are these searches run?

Currently, we have planned for and run 1-2 searches a month. During that time, we usually also search for bloggers to review products from brands that we review on the site. These are called ‘Tried and Tested’ and are featured under that heading on our magazine.

  1. Tell us more about your ‘Tried and Tested’ slots

Our ‘Tried and Tested’ feature is where we approach influencers ourselves to do a review of one of the products from our brands or brands that have contacted us with a product that they want us to review. The process for this feature is usually quick and can all happen within two weeks. Once a brand approaches us, we search our database of bloggers and contact bloggers who we feel are relevant to review a brand’s product. If they are happy to review the brand, they will be gifted the product upon signing a short agreement, consenting to do so and then they will be gifted the products immediately or within 14 days. They then get up to 14 days to review the products and create content for it that they should then share via their social media account tagging us and the brand.

  1. How often do you run reviews for your ‘Tried and Tested’ section?

We tend to run these features 2-4 times a month.

  1. How can I get on your database?

If you have entered any of our searches, you will be automatically be added to our database. If you have not entered any our searches and we are currently not running any searches, then please email us at editor@coturesocial.com with your name, number, social media profile and email address and we will add your details to our database and contact you when something arises that we feel will suit you.

  1. Do you offer guest posts opportunities?

Yes, we do. We are always looking for established writers to write guest posts. Please have a look at what we write about and email editor@coturesocial.com with your pitch. We usually respond within 7 days. Please include ‘guest post’ in the subject line and ensure that your work fits into one of our categories. Once you have been accepted, you will have 14 days to submit your article, which will usually go live in a week.

  1. How can I be interviewed by you?

Again, if you have a story to tell please email editor@coturesocial.com and one of our writers will contact you. Please include your name, number and Instagram details.

  1. What if I am a brand who wants to work with you?

We would love to hear from you. Contact us at hello@coturesocial.com and we will get back to you.

  1. We know a lot of brands get their fair shares of haters. Have you experienced this and how do you deal with it?

You know what? We have! We had someone who commented on a variety of posts saying that we don’t know how to spell our name! We still all laugh about this, to be honest. Think about it. We are two years old in May. Before that, we weren’t known. Now even the haters take time out to comment. This hate means that we’ve officially arrived! Our results speak for themselves. We are all ambitious and we only care about making a positive contribution to the industry we are in. We don’t really care about any bad vibes anyone throws at us and neither should you if you are becoming a better influencer in your own right.