Filmm: The New Video Effects & Filter App by Zoella X A Colour Story

Posted on May 21 2019 - 11:55am by Mia Gardner

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Filmm: The New Video Effects & Filter App by Zoella X A Colour Story

Hitting the app store on May 9th 2019  is: ‘Filmm’. A mobile phone app that will transform your memories forever. With built-in funky video effects and retro filters, they’re pretty much taking Huji to the next level. As you will have seen by the title, the mastermind behind the app is Zoella (aka Zoe Sugg) who has teamed up with A Colour Story to create something new and exciting.

#InHerWords: ‘We’ve created a brand new video effects + filters app for iOS. a place for you to get creative with your stories and videos with dreamy effects from our vintage dust and grain to rain light leaks and glowy bokeh! It’s essentially an app I was desperate to have & the girls and the development team have been an absolute dream to work with! I’ve followed Emma [@emmaredvelvet] & Elise [@elsielarson] for years and always admired everything they do (not to mention using their other apps on a daily basis) so being able to come together with them was a dream! It’s been a year in the making & it’s *almost* ready to share with you! Not long to go!! – Zoe Sugg

What does the app have in store for me?

Filmm is set to have an incredible range of effects to choose from. They have super realistic 16mm, 8mm and 35mm film scans to play with that can add real authentic old school looking textures to your favourite videos. In addition to this, they’ve created their own custom light flare and leaks to compliment whatever lighting you’re working with. Along with VHS distortions and opacity sliders, we’re predicting this app is going to become the world’s next fave.

What’s more, is that it’s going to be free for everyone! Of course, there will be in-app purchases. However, we have no doubt that they’ll be even more amazing and perhaps worthy of subscribing too. We recommended this bad boy to add to your #GirlfriendCollection!

Cr: Instagram @filmmapp, @zoesugg

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