Sam Hendry Is Creating Festival Makeup Inspo You Won’t Want To Miss

Posted on May 3 2019 - 10:50am by Mia Gardner

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Sam Hendry is an up-and-coming makeup artist who has a real talent for colour and those edgy looks that are perfect for the festival season. Take a look...

We recently spotted Sam Hendry working her magic and showing off her immense makeup talents when scrolling through Insta. Her followers may not know too much about her individually but we sure know that her creativity skills are one of a kind. With summer well and truly on its way along with our favourite festival season, we decided to share with you some of our favourite looks of Sam’s. Along with insider info on how to achieve similar results, sit back and get ready to feel a surge of inspiration.

Sam Hendry: Makeup Looks For The Festival Season

1) Linear colour

One of our favourite more subtle ways of injecting colour into a makeup look is this technique of Sam Hendry’s. After you’ve gone about creating your perfect neutral lid, add a coloured eye pencil to your waterline and two extra colours under that. Here, Sam has used a purple liner in the water line, a blue-toned shimmery pink in the inner corner and magenta reddish pink towards the outer corner. You can always switch out these colours for others to match whatever you’re wearing too.

Sam Hendry Is Creating Festival Makeup Inspo You Won't Want To Miss

2) A statement colour

This second look from Sam Hendry makes the ultimate statement. There is just something about a one-colour themed lid with a nude lip and golden, glowy skin that just says it all. Whether you want your makeup to tie in with your outfit or stand out from it, play around with one colour. To get different textures, experiment with matte shades in your crease and under your eye and then use a shimmer or glitter for your lid and inner corner.

Sam Hendry Is Creating Festival Makeup Inspo You Won't Want To Miss

3) Contrasting colours

Now, this is one of our favourite looks because the colours here are just mesmerising. Purples, pinks and reds transitioning to violets and blues. There are plenty of tutorials to follow online to help you get your head around this slightly more challenging look. However, the most important things to remember to get yours to stand out like this is to take the colour super close to your brows which you wouldn’t normally do for that little something different!

Sam Hendry Is Creating Festival Makeup Inspo You Won't Want To Miss

4) Bold and deep

Next we have this super smoky dark look that is perfect for lovers of darker shadows. To really make your shadows stand out despite being so dark, its all about contrasts. Many people wouldn’t but if you put down a super dark navy or purple on your lid then add a contrasting glitter on top, you get such a cool effect. Try it out, it could become your new favourite combo.

Sam Hendry Is Creating Festival Makeup Inspo You Won't Want To Miss

5) Fierce and electric

Finally, we have one of the most artistic looks we’ve ever seen from Sam Hendry and that is this firey eye and holographic style lip look. Now, this one might take some practising or you could always get a friend to help but this look just goes to show that makeup really does create works of art.

Sam Hendry Is Creating Festival Makeup Inspo You Won't Want To Miss

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