Robin Eisenberg: Illustrator, Designer, Creative Legend

Posted on Apr 30 2019 - 10:30am by Mia Gardner

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Meet Robin Eisenberg who is our favourite American illustrator and designer. Having worked with brands such as Vans and Thrasher she's fast becoming a...

Meet Robin Eisenberg who is our favourite American illustrator and designer, based in Los Angeles creating some of the coolest stuff you’ll ever lay your eyes on. Having collaborated with brands such as Thrasher and Vans, this chick has built herself an incredible portfolio. Now creating patches and pins in addition to her iconic and massively unique artwork, she’s a businesswoman and today we’ll be sharing with you some of our favourite ever creations of hers!

Robin Eisenberg: Space Magic

Something you’ll notice about Robin Eisenberg’s art is that all of the characters she creates and designs are chilling in space. With eye-catching backgrounds of starry black skies and reflections of said skies on water and glass, her work is incredibly unique. The only fictional type of character that usually comes to mind when you think of people coming from space are aliens and whilst some of her subjects have that iconic green skin, they are so much more beautiful.

Who’d have thought that someone could create so much art based on a place they’ve never been to and experienced for themselves? Well, Robin Eisenberg’s imagination is clearly just something else and she’s one of the most talented artists we’ve ever come across. It’s no wonder that she’s racked up a following of half a million followers and it’s forever growing too.

Building Her Business

As well as the iconic artwork Robin Eisenberg is becoming rather well-known for, to satisfy the needs of her beloved followers, she sells other creations too. As well as being able to purchase prints of her artwork to frame, she creates pins and patches too. It’s little things like this that can really customise that denim jacket you already love so much or that pair of jeans that would look cool with a little extra something.

Why not create your own pinboard full of trendy pins and become a collector? And you could do the same with patches too. There is no limit when it comes to being creative because as well as following trends and getting ideas from Pinterest you can do your own thing too.

Robin Eisenberg: Illustrator, Designer, Creative Legend

Just like you can see here, Robin Eisenberg has decked out her home office with some of her most favourite designs as well as collaboration projects she’s worked on too. If you’re ever feeling lost and seeking some creativity make sure to check out Robin’s Insta. With all the bright colours and symbolic messages portrayed through her art and fashion accessories, it’s bound to pull you out of your dry spell, whatever that may be.

Are you feeling inspired by artist, Robin Eisenberg? Comment down below which are your favourite pieces and be sure to vote in our poll at the top of this article too.

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