Developing your inner and outer gangsta the India O’Neill way

Posted on Apr 29 2019 - 11:00am by Stella M

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She’s known for her inspirational, no-nonsense quotes as well as incredible looks on Instagram. With more than 150,000 followers, it’s no wonder India O’Neill is so popular to fashionistas and those who are avid Instagrammers. Her jaw-dropping eyes, flawless makeup styles and her ever-changing hairstyles might be just some of the reasons why you might want to be her.

This Instagram sensation was born in England and at just 18 years of age, she has so much more to give. Perhaps it is her Scorpio star sign that has transformed her into a passionate, independent woman that we see killing it every day on the gram.

O’Neill posted her first selfie on Instagram, like other Instagrammers, in December 2014. Her posts then were just a way of life for her until she gained a more significant number of followers. Since then, she has gained notoriety for the clothing and accessories she regularly styles herself in.

Her posts indicate that her followers even try to dress up like her as they continually wait for her new styles. Her ability to mix and match is immaculate. If her hairstyle is more extravagant, her clothing is more minimalistic. If she wants to make a statement with a cute top showcasing her tiny waist, her makeup and hairstyle are neat yet in vogue. ‘Just don’t lie to me,’  is one of her latest quotes on her Instagram post highlighting her hairstyle from Luscious Luxe. Put together with a cute outfit from Pretty Little Thing, her finished look is even more stunning and beautiful.

You’re into wigs? Check out her looks as she puts her curling iron down and dons her colourful wig from Ali Peerless. Her purple wig is just so insane but it suits her fun-loving, independent self. And you don’t need anything more for that smile! If cannot get a mirror selfie right, take a look at how India O’Neill does it. You can learn how to make your next selfie popular to others.

With the kind of climate England has, winter would be more enjoyable if you didn’t have to sacrifice your fashion sense. Style your winter day-to-day life with inspirational clothing ideas from India O’Neill. Her Instagram posts showcase some of the brands she promotes like Girls Night Out London, SorelleUK and Rebellious Fashion. She can prove to you that a decadent fur coat will still give you the luxury to don your favourite ripped jeans, even in the colder months.

How comfortable does she look on her Rebellious Fashion autumn clothing? India portrays that your style can be comfortable. She also adores Drake and couples who look cute together. Although she understands that as women we all have issues, she wants us to be our own gangsters.

She can be seen sporting a variety of styles such as spaghetti straps, sleeveless styles and shorts. But this also highlights that she is simply a natural beauty in anything she wears and puts on her body.

Level up your accessories with some twists – the O’Neill way. She wears the visible, huge earrings from Sugar Brown UK with her long ponytail extension from Luscious Luxe. Both accessories add a little sparkle to her minimalistic look but do not take the attention away from her face. A fan of those tantalizing eyes? You too can compliment your pretty face with cosmetic lenses from Glisteneyes.

Her lipstick here is a wonderful nude shade and comes from Lumie Cosmetics London.

If you want to develop an independent yet versatile fashion style, India O’Neill can be your inspiration. She’s always got something new up her sleeve and her quotes will never fail to delight you.



Cr: IG – @india_oneill

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