#Loveatfirstlace Vanessa Daniels: Your Year-Round Fashion Inspiration

Posted on Apr 12 2019 - 7:06am by Stella M

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Remember the Fenty Puma Creepers Rihanna proudly showed off at the 30th FN Achievement Awards in 2016? A fashion blogger, YouTuber, and Instagrammer by the name of Vanessa Daniels actually shared a video styling the same pairs of shoes. How cool that is? But who is Vanessa Daniels?

She is based in England, the UK and her parents originally called her Vanessa Rochelle – Vanessa came from her dad and Rochelle came from her mom. She became famous through her own YouTube channel in September 2014. And the rest they say is history.

She has a well-deserved spot in the cosmetics and fashion industry. Thanks to having more than 110,000 followers, she earned the title of being an Instagram sensation. Her style is sensual and exciting and yet she refrains from making too much of a statement which results in the display of a classy collection which I will go through below.

She can be seen endorsing Nyla Rei, a fashion brand for women’s wear and accessories for those colder days just as well as she loves pairing a Halle jacket and Cher bag, her wardrobe staple Talia coat, and the Mia sunglasses to start her sunny days in the UK.

While she adores days where she can be sun-kissed, she can offer makeup tips to women who want to simply use tools to accentuate their facial features. Her makeup is always minimalistic as she chooses to simply highlight her beautiful, glowing skin. She is a fan of her eyes as you can see from her various eye makeup looks below. What I want to know is; how are her eyebrows always on point? Never miss a chance to watch her make-up demo videos on her channel for some tips and ‘how-to’s’.

Perhaps, she focuses on the minimalist makeup look as she wants the focus to be on her love for sneakers and coats. In this way, she has developed a niche for herself as she, like others, know that you cannot be a master of all things. In an interview in 2017, she revealed that she had over a hundred pairs of sneakers already!

I also adore her idea of incorporating some of her coats into her summer outfits. Spring can be the new winter for her as she is still rolling out her thick coats in what is meant to be warmer weather.  Along with unique accessories, she is truly a fashionista who you can look to for inspiration for fashion all year round.

And who doesn’t have any obsession with snake print clothing like she does?

As well as her daily stylings, she is also an ambassadress for classic and modern hairstyles for the black woman. She can be seen experimenting with the conditioning mists from Aussie Hair as it is a product that offers protection, shine and smoothness to her hair.  There are times when she prefers to go back to her hair’s natural state to let the hairline breathe. She also likes wearing and styling wigs from RPG Hair.

When it comes to her lashes, she always makes an appointment with B Lashed.

She loves to set fashion trends even when on holiday. And why not? When you are an influencer, you have to constantly be your own brand at all times.

Cr: IG – @vanessardaniels

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