Samantha ‘Sammi’ Maria: The OG Fashion Blogger Still Inspiring Thousands

Posted on Apr 11 2019 - 9:53am by Mia Gardner

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Samantha Maria is one of those old-school bloggers that has never stopped delivering fresh fashion goodness and the inspo we've always been in need of. Now, she's...

As Sammi confesses in her stand-out insta bio, she’s gets a bit too excited about getting dressed, is a true crime enthusiast, mother of child, pizza lover and biscuit fondler. What we love about her most is the fact she’s pretty much a fashion goddess. From designer pieces to the high street, she’s the next Posh Spice. Sammi never fails to provide us with fashion inspiration that is fresh, unique and different from the average pics filling our feeds.

Now, at 29 years old, she has grown into quite the fashion queen and big sister to her followers. She creates amazing girl talk style YouTube videos where she covers many taboo topics. She dishes the dirt on sex, periods, body confidence and many more topics. Along with her family vlogs on her second channel, her content is so diverse and we love it. However, she’s most well-known for her iconic fashion and beauty content where she has acquired over 1.8 million subscribers! Whilst she continues to grow and do her thing, we thought we’d share with you a few of our favourite recent outfits of hers.

Samantha ‘Sammi’ Maria: A Fashion Genius

She’s got the power

First up we have a funky power suit. Here, Sammi is rocking a sporty vibe with an androgynous touch of all white chunky trainers and a cherry red oversized suit. This double-breasted combo makes quite the fashion statement which looks extra edgy with her long bob and contrasting white bag. Stunning.

Samantha Maria: The OG Fashion Blogger Still Inspiring Thousands

And I go back to black

Next, we have this all-black combo because I mean, who doesn’t love rocking an all-black vibe? A great way to switch it up that Sammi does here is by playing around with different textures. By tucking an oversized thick-nit jumper into a leather mini skirt and throwing on a shoulder bag you’ve instantly got yourself an uber fashionable look.

Samantha Maria: The OG Fashion Blogger Still Inspiring Thousands

Animal print + colour = a vibe

From this outfit of Sammi’s, we learnt that leopard print looks incredibly cool with a pop of colour. Most of us would instantly think that we’d need to pair it with either black or white. But why not follow in Sammi’s footsteps and throw on a bright coloured jumper? These animal print trousers look incredible on her and the nude bag really brings the whole outfit together!

Samantha Maria: The OG Fashion Blogger Still Inspiring Thousands

Mixin’ it up

This final outfit we’re loving from Sammi recently is this combo featuring a checked blazer jacket, white straight-leg jeans and black chunky heels. Here, she looks like the ultimate fashion blogger everyone wants to be right now with the street background setting and everything. It’s outfits like these that you wouldn’t normally think of putting together but when you do, magic happens.

Samantha Maria: The OG Fashion Blogger Still Inspiring Thousands

If you’ll be taking anything away from today’s article, let it be a goal to be experimental. Go to your wardrobe and pull out different pieces that you wouldn’t usually pair together. You never know what crazy and wonderful combination you could be creating.

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