Christina Sikalias: How-to Contour Your Goddess Within

Posted on Apr 5 2019 - 7:28am by Stella M

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Why not naturally enhance your facial attributes with the help of someone innately drawn to the beauty industry’s fantasy?  Christina Sikalias, by the way, is the one to be.

Australian-based makeup artist Christina’s passion for beauty and personal care led her to study the art of contouring and makeup. She fosters her artistic finesse through her knowledge from the glamour industry and takes this further with her self-taught techniques.

Christina believes in makeup artistry as a creation, an art and a powerful tool for facial transformation, even if you still keep your natural look. Makeup brushes and colours are the main tools in drawing out the best of your facial features. Nothing boosts her drive and pride more than the freedom of expression and confidence. Makeup, to her, is not an innovation to make you look someone else but is a transformation to highlight the best YOU.

How could you have not recognised her talent?  Her attention to detail in terms of contouring, blending and highlighting is definitely unrivalled. Hers is a makeup prowess with excellence through the high-quality products she uses to ensure a lasting effect and flawlessness for your makeup.

As she continues to become a more established name, it has led to sponsorships with big brands like Zoeva, Lilly Lashes, Morphe Brushes, Gerard Cosmetics, Luxie, Too Faced, ModelCo and Benefit Cosmetics, among others. Her expertise is recognised anywhere in the world as she works for television commercials and music videos, entertainment, film and fashion events, editorials and photo shoots as well as makeup tutorials and classes.

Would you like to know how to enhance your facial features the ‘Christina’ way? Get in touch for updates on her Masterclass makeup series across Australia and abroad. She’s so generous in sharing her innovative and fresh tips, tricks and everything about her remarkable makeup artistry journey. Professional makeup artists, students and those sharing some makeup tips can gather in an extraordinary live event that celebrates beauty.

As a makeup educator with undeniable support from reputable makeup companies, she offers nothing less than a comprehensive knowledge on how to come up with her flawless looks. All these are made possible with exceptional backing from technologically advanced brands.

Have a personal encounter with her through her makeup events. Tour with her as she shows her journey in achieving her signature looks which includes her favourites as well.

Grab an opportunity to practice her personal makeup techniques on fellow attendees or yourself. What’s more? She will be there hands-on to assess your face art and give her honest, constructive feedback. You’ll be surprised to have strengthened your skills in makeup artistry after these sessions.

She strives to be competitive in the industry and so she continuously seeks for innovation. In fact, she travels anywhere in the world for the latest techniques, trends and beauty inspiration.

When it comes to beauty, nothing beats the knowledge and prowess of Christina. She showcases her own passion for makeup artistry through masterclasses and tutorials. Be your own beauty goddess after some personalised makeup techniques from Christina.


Cr: IG – @christinasikalias

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