Emma Johnson Is Providing The Ultimate Curvy Girl’s Fashion Inspo

Posted on Apr 1 2019 - 12:30pm by Mia Gardner

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Emma Johnson is a vlogger and a true British tea-enthusiast with amazing style. She has acquired a following of just under 50 thousand who are obsessed with her style. Us included. Her super cute YouTube channel is home to all kinds of fashion, beauty and lifestyle content, just where do we start? Today, we thought we’d share with you some of our favourite outfits of hers. There are many young women in the UK with “average” or “curvy” body types and we all know the struggles of finding cool clothes that weren’t made for size 8s. So let’s get stuck in as we showcase our top five hot picks from Emma Johnson.

Emma Johnson Is Providing The Ultimate Curvy Girl's Fashion Inspo

The Legendary Outfits of Emma Johnson

1. The Flirty Number

Emma Johnson Is Providing The Ultimate Curvy Girl's Fashion Inspo

First of all, we all must take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous not only her outfit is but the backdrop too. What a great spot for a selfie?! When it comes to curvy figures, so many of us will wear jeans with that classic “long top” just to cover up any insecurities. However, you should be proud to show off what your mama gave ya. A funky belt will cinch you in at the waist to give you that hourglass figure you’ve been craving. Bardot tops like these are also great to give a sexy shoulder vibe too.

2. The Double Denim Number

Emma Johnson Is Providing The Ultimate Curvy Girl's Fashion Inspo

You can never go wrong with a cheeky bit of double denim. There is just something so timeless about it and it requires pretty much minimal effort. All you have to do is choose a pair of your favourite trainers and a groovy top, whatever takes your fancy, and you’re good to go. Here, Emma has given this outfit that extra oomph with some stripey goodness and we’re in love. Again, this one features the classic tuck in and belt vibe which elongates your legs too. This is definitely one to note down ladies.

3. The Vibey Number

Emma Johnson Is Providing The Ultimate Curvy Girl's Fashion Inspo

If you don’t know about the power of flared trousers, you need to get to know. This co-ord outfit with contrasting white trainers is next level. Any university students living in cities such as Cardiff and Bristol will know all about this trend. This ’70s inspired cut of trousers creates a floaty aesthetic perfect for dancing at festivals or cool gigs. They’re light enough to keep you cool as we’ll see the temperature rising too because you can dress the top half up or down as much as you like.

4. The Sophisticated Number

Emma Johnson Is Providing The Ultimate Curvy Girl's Fashion Inspo

Emma Johnson knows exactly how to dress her figure and she really is worth taking a few tips from. This specific type of dress can often be found under the “wrap dress” category of your favourite online stores. The fabric comes together with the tie of a gorgeous big bow to bring your waist in and accentuate your hips. And what’s better is that it enhances your figure in a much more flattering way than sometimes-skimpy bodycon. This cut of sleeves is also a classic to draw more attention to your snatched waist and is the perfect design if you prefer covering up your arms.

5. The Explorer Number

Emma Johnson Is Providing The Ultimate Curvy Girl's Fashion Inspo

Finally, we have a delicious combo of neutral browns that I don’t about you but remind me of chocolate and caramel. Yum. Again, this is another outfit style that you can’t really go wrong with. Wearing items from a similar colour palette automatically make it look as though you put a lot more effort into picking what you were going to wear that day than you actually did. Add a cool tee and trainers and you’re sorted. The ’90s scrunchie isn’t essential but it sure will add a little something-something.

Emma Johnson is definitely one to look out for. Her fashion sense (and makeup skills) are just something else. We’re predicting many exciting projects are in the stars for this one.

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