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Posted on Mar 27 2019 - 7:19am by Stella M

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Why go to Tulum?

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The Mexican beach haven which is pretty close to paradise is none other than Tulum. Where else can you experience a beach getaway with turquoise seas, powdery sand, balmy breezes and eco-friendly locals?

Did you know?

The beach town of Tulum is now the talk-of-the tourism industry. You should have that moment of experiencing its unspoilt resources before it becomes commercialised.

Why you should go?

Most travel-savvy individuals, celebrities, and the rich and famous have been there. Some of them have it on their go-to bucket list. So why should you be left envious? Here are the reasons to get your butt up and head to the town.

Best cenotes in Mexico

The sheer quantity of cenotes is dotted across the Yucatan Peninsula where Tulum is situated. It’s nearly impossible not to pass these sinkholes with their transparent waters and rugged walls in your visit just like DJ Natalia Kusiak in Cenote Calavera. Make sure to see their biggest one – Cenote Dos Ojos.

Home of pristine beaches

There is no better place for a beach bum like you than this destination. The shores are so idyllic that even not-so-beach lovers would love to lounge around the coastline all day long. Playa Paraiso is no doubt one among the iconic beaches flocked by tourists with its azure waters and swaying palms. How picturesque does this beach look as photo editor Debi Flugge clicked pictures at Quintana Roo.

Dramatic Mayan ruins

The Mayan ruins preside over its rugged coastline. Their structures are modest in scale with their post-classic design to more grandiose projects. Instagrammers would be amazed as they are spectacular backdrops for stories. It’s best to visit them early morning to feel smug each sunrise.

See sea turtles in their natural habitat

Be eco-friendly when you prefer seeing sea turtles more than drinking any liquor. Thousands of them are scattered all over the area as they lay their eggs in the pinkish sand between May and October. You may even swim with them to Akumal.

Town feels

Unlike its neighboring tourist resorts, Tulum maintains its township. It’s a secret place for beachineering in Mexico. However, this may change as more entertainment establishments like hotels and restaurants may eventually pop up. See Azulik Uh May highlighting the town’s human vision in the jungle.

Food to die for

Food served in this town beach is inventive and fresh – far beyond Mexico’s notable tacos. You will get stuck into its culinary offering, especially the ceviche. Vegetarian and seafood options are available to satiate everyone’s taste buds. Grab the shifting daily menu at Hartwood based on their available products. Indulge your pallet with the Japan-Mexican fusion cuisine which uses the best culinary techniques from the typical and original food of the region.

World-class nightlife

Enjoy your whole night here with the notable Cuban bar, the central strip Batey, and the beach parties at Papaya Playa Project. Never miss the great mescal Nakawe. Drink exquisite cocktails at Gitano’s outdoor seating terrace.

Eco-friendly getaway

Make your stay in this town environmental-friendly. There is a range of sustainable hotels and other accommodation modes you may choose from. Check-out Casa Malca as it uses organic materials in its locally crafted structures. Posada Dos Ceibas is an alternative if you are looking for more getaways like this.

How to get there?

Tourists fly from Cancun International Airport to Tulum. From the airport, you may take a shared van transfer, a taxi, or a private transfer. A bus is also available, which is even safer, more comfortable as well as being the cheapest transportation.

When best to go?

Make the most of your trip to town from October to December as the weather becomes warm and hurricanes at this time are already over. Avoid setting your travel between January and March as a lot of tourists come here. When in Tulum, you’ll be rest assured to find the best attractions, food, and know-how of its culture. It’s not just a visit but a moment of bliss.

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