Roos Vandekerckhove: How to use visual communication to build a brand

Posted on Mar 25 2019 - 7:23am by Stella M

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Fashion trends. Beauty secrets. Fitness innovations. Exciting travels. Quality lifestyle. Want to learn more on these niches? You should never let a day pass by without checking out what’s new from Roos Vandekerckhove. Hover on her social media accounts and she will make sure your needs are covered.

Born and raised in Belgium, Vandekerckhove now resides in Los Angeles, California. She has a degree in Public Relations and is a digital content creator. It is her passion for beauty, travel, fitness, and fashion that brought her into the limelight and on your computer screens.

Roos’ passion for these areas has grown since she moved to California. Here, every day is an inspiration as you bask in the vibrancy of Los Angeles, its beautiful nature and its amazing people. She was able to share her Californian life to about 258,000 Insta followers which cemented her image in the digital space. If you browse through her social media accounts online, you can view her everyday outfits along with the new craze in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. She also has photos of her partner as well as her adorable fluffy Pomeranian thus showing us how she spends her downtime.

How lush does her outfit look below? The pairing of that oversized jumper with that white skirt amazingly takes the attention away from the donuts in the background! Hope she got to enjoy one or more donuts after this picture, just like the rest of us would.

Look great with a sense of the occasion or season as Roos shows you how to dress accordingly. She could be your personal fashion designer and all for free. She models every season so that you have a variety of trends to choose from. Take a sneak peek of her holiday party look, hot-like glam look during tropical season, cool Coachella snap as well as her summer florals. She looks like the ultimate girl boss in her post featuring clothing from the White Fox boutique. And this look is no surprise as she has admitted that she has been sassy since birth and will still be as she matures.

When in need of new ideas on health and beauty, Roos will tells you how she does it. She answers her followers’ questions and requests. Some of these are about her make-up routine and the healthy glow of her skin. She’s always grateful to share knowledge and tips like how to take care of your skin, especially during the summer.

Should you be dying for a great looking tan, she will give you hints on how to do it like a professional. As a sassy adventurer, she takes challenges such as her Olay challenge for 28 days.

One of these other challenges involved the fat-freezing procedure CoolSculpting on parts of her legs after which she was happy with the results.  You could say that hairstyling is as important to her as her fashion style. You gotta check it out on her Insta as you just might just love dressing your hair like hers. She’s also into the beauty products from Boxy Charm.

Traveling is a hobby for Roos and wherever her feet wander, she always pens details of them in her personal blog including her trips to Maui and Tulum.

Intrigued by how Roos lives a lifestyle of glitz and glam?  Have a glimpse or even follow her journey of worthy experiences so that you can start creating your own life just like hers.

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