How James Charles Is Revolutionising The Makeup Industry With His Sister Squad

Posted on Mar 18 2019 - 7:57am by Mia Gardner

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James Charles is well on his way to becoming one of the most influential figures in the makeup industry to have ever existed. Born and raised in New York, now living in Los Angeles, James is travelling the world whilst transforming the lives of many. Just a few years ago, he didn’t know the first thing about makeup. Now, he’s got an alleged net worth of over £4 mill. Oh, and he’s only 19 years old. But, how did he do it?

James Charles

James Charles created a YouTube channel in 2015 and simply started playing with makeup. His iconic catchphrase is “unleash your inner artist” and that is exactly what he did. With barely any popular male influencers in makeup at the time, James saw an opportunity. After spending hours in front of the camera creating masterpieces with foundation and eyeshadow,  in less than five years he grew his channel to over 13 million subscribers.

What is he up to now?

Most recently he flew over to the UK to open Morphe stores in London and Birmingham. Why is he cutting the red ribbon for the launch of this US makeup giant you ask? Well, that’s because he collaborated with them in 2018 to create his very own eyeshadow palette. Which may I add is one of the best-selling eyeshadow palettes to date.

However, when he’s at home in L.A. he spends his time filming cinematic quality videos. It’s likely that celebrities will make an appearance every now and then too. Fellow young icons such as Kylie Jenner and Demi Lovato are just a couple you may recognise. It’s a win-win because the celebs get exposure on another type of media to address rumours and promote upcoming projects (YouTube) and creators like James get to collate more views by clickbait-but-not-clickbait thumbnails.

The way YouTube works in today’s modern world is rather incredible. In addition to his subscribers, he has another 13 million followers on his Instagram page. There, he shares promotional content for his videos along with self-confessed facetune-perfect selfies. His fans are called Sisters and he’s recently brought out even more Sisters merch so he’s also becoming quite a figure in the fashion industry too. Is there anything James can’t do? Some may answer ‘sing’ but vocal coach Tristan Parades tried his best to sort that out. But, what do you think?

His Superstar Family

With James having a young female-majority following, many are currently lusting over his straight brother, Ian Jeffrey. The 17-year-old younger brother is actually dating star, Loren Gray, but that doesn’t stop James’s subscribers from leaving a few thirsty comments here and there.

Ian has gained quite a bit of fame from James with over two million Instagram followers himself. However, his passion is in fashion, more specifically cool streetwear. We can only assume that there are many big things in store for these two brothers who are already doing incredibly well for themselves.

Cr: Instagram @jamescharles, @ianjeffrey, @loren

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