An Eccentric Accessory Brand Have Just Resurrected Historical Fashion Gold

Posted on Mar 15 2019 - 7:34am by Mia Gardner

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Surviving in a world flooded with gorgeous adverts and social media posts tempting us to buy pretty little things can be challenging. Especially for our love/hate relationships with our bank accounts. With the idea of Valentine’s or Galentine’s day on its way too, we got to thinking that you might be on the lookout for something special to spruce up your wardrobe for the season of love. And we shan’t disappoint. Whether you’ll be flirting, chilling or hosting an ‘I hate V day party’, we think you’ll absolutely love these. Accessory brand, Luxe Cuffs, is creating flawless and edgy, Victorian-meets-gothic lace sleeve cuffs that can quite literally transform any outfit.

Luxe Cuffs

The Miami-based designer label is completely reinventing this fashion accessory that even dates back to the 15th century. Having majorly transformed the concept, LuxeCuffs are creating lace cuffs that are in fact tailor-designed and hand-made. Each pair has the potential to inject your personality into something completely unique to you. From coloured lacework to remarkable crystals and charming embellishments, it’s an accessory that might just rival that beloved bracelet of yours.

How To Style LuxeCuffs: The Coture Social Edit

Yes, the idea of wearing such a quirky and unique fashion accessory is a little bit daunting but you’re just a few clicks away from unleashing your inner Victorian goddess. And when you do, trust me when I say you should prepare yourself for becoming a trendsetter. Quite possibly, everyone you meet will be asking about your new purchase in the wardrobe department.

For a delicate and modern look, try pairing them with a similar colour long-sleeve jumper. If you fancy throwing it back, however, and are after 80’s Cyndi Lauper ‘Girl’s Just Want To Have Fun’ vibes, wear them with a sleeveless dress and matching jewellery. Both looks are completely different, but that showcases just how diverse LuxeCuffs’ accessories are.

This visionary brand is going against the norm and creating its own images and trends. LuxeCuffs possess the flair of imagination and we’re obsessed. Now, who else is looking forward to seeing new collections for the year ahead? Hands up!

Cr: Instagram @luxecuffs

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