Former Miss World Sarah Baderna: The Art of Living It Up in New York

Posted on Mar 11 2019 - 7:08am by Stella M

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Magnificent fashionista Sarah Baderna came from Italy and began her modelling career at the age of 16. Baderna has been modelling for nearly 10 years then won the Miss World crown in 2013. As a result of this opportunity, she could go overseas to visit many places. Moving to the US was a big dream for her and from then on the fashion industry was an open book to her as she got to work with different agencies.

Finding a career that fits right is never that easy. This was also the case when Sarah Baderna started modelling. It was her birthday when she received what you could say was the best present for her; a New York modelling contract. After this initial stint, the rest was modelling history.

Baderna is very open-minded and very compassionate in everything she does and that includes fashion. This Insta influencer believes in the significance of having these traits for inner peace and happiness. Travelling and seeing places anywhere in the world are the greatest opportunities she received from her career. She loves to meet people with different roles and personalities day-after-day. She also hates the idea of associating models with horrible stereotypes. She observes that people assume that models are beautiful ladies who don’t eat, don’t have a brain and act like divas.

More than anything else, Baderna aims to change people’s perspective on judging each other. She admits that this is something she needs to remind herself to do as well. She is human like the rest of us after all! She believes that respect is key when meeting people with different ideas.

Her posts on Instagram show off her glam fashion life. You can see her showcasing merchandise and working with brands like Calvin Clien, Alisha Nycole + CO at Allium Floral Design, BMON, Pretty Little Thing as well as stillkiddz. But how does she get that gorgeous look with what seems to be no effort at all? Who would not be stunned by her style if they were walking down the street and spotted her? Even when she is wearing something very simple, her posts show that she can turn the look into something much more.

When not modelling, you can see that Baderna has a healthy addiction for fitness which she has admitted this herself. She also goes to movie theatres and loves to cook, just like us. If she did not model, you could see her bringing out her own clothing line. In this way, she could still work within the fashion industry.

To win her heart, she advises men to give her full support and to keep in mind the little details that matter. She believes that men will pay attention to these details when they love someone. In her eyes, men with big hands are sexy in her eyes. Her ideal man is one who creates the perfect atmosphere but she does admit that sometimes resisting sexual chemistry is difficult to do. If you want to know more about how she got to live her New York dream, check out her Instagram page for the best advice she received on building one’s own dreams.

Cr: IG – @sarah___baderna

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