The Cowshed Spa: A Place to Relax Especially When In A Foul Mood

Posted on Mar 8 2019 - 9:50am by Andia R

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Imagine being in Miami and hearing about one of the best spas in the world but where is it based? London. But not to worry. You will find the Cowshed spa, all over the world. From Berlin to Miami, London to New York and most recently Soho, it will leave you no room for disappointment.

The Cowshed spa hit the spotlight when it was ranked as one of the top 100 of spas in London and has since managed to retain this accolade. It has welcomed all sorts of guests from Oscar Winning Eddie Redmayne to all musicians including Whinnie Williams, Fashion icons Henry Holland and Roland Mouret and even royalty such as Princess Eugenie. Until 2009, only full members of the club were allowed access to the club. However, after opening other branches,  it is open to everyone who seeks a luxurious place to spoil themselves or their loved ones.

Although it was discovered in a rather unusual place like a cowshed, it is among the first to specialise in the use of plants, oils, vitamins and proteins as its crucial ingredients. Unlike other spas, instead of having one single treatment package, Cowshed has several packages that cater to your needs depending on your mood. Say you’re feeling somewhat burnt out. Lavender can help you unwind, or if you’re stressed out, Grumpy can brighten your mood. Although they have their wild name ideas, the concoctions are treated very seriously putting you in a serene mood.

Their exotic and natural products were carefully created in 1998 for use and sale at all Cowshed outlets. The Cowshed Spa is separated into two; Active and Relax where Relax is the place to treat oneself, with Cowshed’s signature mud soaks, rubs, or even their famous Ginger Tea. On the other hand, Active is the place to exercise and build up those diminished spirits. It is the home to all the swimming pools, aroma rooms, steam rooms and gym with the latest Technogym kit.

Cowshed allows everyone to escape all the noise and get a little piece of country heaven. With their welcoming state of the art furnishings, you will enjoy your manicures and pedicures and have room for relaxing full body massages. You can visit the branch of Primrose Hill which offers an inviting haven of relaxation. Homemade cake and a glass of wine are offered along with some herbal tea for all guests at the spa. Highly recommended is the signature ultimate manicure or pedicures in one of their intricate chairs that will lull into a mood of pure relaxation. After a day of relaxation, you can visit the spa shop and stock up on your favorite Cowshed products.

At the heart of Miami Beach, you will find the Soho Beach House, complete with one of their vintage British Cowshed spas which although miles from the main branch, has a homey feeling that has been boosted by Cowsheds signature interior fittings. Being in one of the most visited beaches in the world, Cowshed Miami is an ideal venue for escape and relaxation with friends. The St Moritz Hotel Spa, Cornwall houses The Cowshed spa which includes packages aimed at expectant mothers who can choose from the gorgeous maternity treatments, which have been formulated to give the expectant mothers an easy time, leaving no room for any skin breakouts- their skin remaining as smooth as ever! The men can also enjoy a treatment from Neville, the ultimate in premium grooming from the masterminds behind the Cowshed franchise.

The Cowshed spa has a wide range of products from daily moisturizers to night creams. One can also indulge in luxury skincare which aims to produce only the best results. All the products in the gift shop are available in each spa branch. Offering a package named Pretty Parties, one can also grab a few friends and enjoy the spa, from birthdays to get-togethers. Having a range of home accessories at reasonable prices, the Cowshed spa also provides accessories that add an aesthetic design to one’s home, bringing this serene experience into your very own home.

The experience at the Cowshed spa branches are genuinely unique, leaving the customer feeling light and young. Have the spa retreat of your life!

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