3 Instagram Fashionistas You Need To Start Following

Posted on Feb 25 2019 - 7:31am by Mia Gardner

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Do you ever find yourself endlessly scrolling through Instagram but you’re not actually engaging with anything? I think we’re all guilty of this and it’s down to who you follow. Why follow just the people you used to go to school with when there are hundreds of other accounts out there that have the potential to interest you so much more. Today, I’m hitting you with some fashion inspiration because let’s be honest, we all need it.

1. @Glowprincess

She’s a model, influencer, YouTuber and entrepreneur – this chick’s got skills. Bouncing back and forth in between New York City and Los Angeles, this Instagram star is incredible at styling. No matter how outgoing an item of clothing may be, each and every one of her looks is a vibe. Magenta pink, lime green and hot orange are some of our personal favourites of her’s. I just wish I could pull them off as well as she does.

To achieve similar looks to Glow Princess, all you need to do is pick out one of the brightest colours in your wardrobe and match it with a similar shade. You could also add a pair of funky trainers and a splash of cool jewellery pieces.

2. @Kitagirl921

Formally known as Nakita Johnson, this young woman radiates empowerment. Based in London, England, this beauty and lifestyle vlogger welcomes more and more followers to her Instagram page of fashion gold every day. The thing about her looks is that they’re effortlessly boujie (fierce and glam). No matter what makeup look she’s rocking and if her hair is up or down, there is no outfit she can’t pull off. My personal favourite is the brown silky number. This material is so in right now and compliments her skin tone perfectly.

The key to Nakita’s style is confidence. It’s about not being afraid to buy that dress you saw online but scrolled past because it shows a little skin. Just try it. It’s usually online retailers who have the hottest, most current designs and the majority offer free returns. Be experimental!

3. @Msheatherrose

Finally, we have Heather Rose who is a fairly mysterious Instagram girly. However, she serves the juiciest of fashion content. Through what she wears, she is unapologetically herself and we love it. She flaunts what she’s got and we need more of this. Heather is kind of a chameleon too. She can transform from girly princess to Insta baddie in 0-60. Whether she’s in white looking regal or ripped jeans and a spaghetti strap top, Ms Heather Rose looks amazing.

If you’re going to take anything from her style today, let that be a mood. And by this, I mean dress how you want to feel that day. Fashion isn’t a one size fits every moment. You don’t have to limit yourself to a particular wardrobe based on your body type. Take inspiration from those you love or what you read about and put it into practice.

What were some of your favourite looks?

Cr: Instagram @glowprincesss, @kitagirl921, @msheatherrose

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