Everyone’s Favourite Bossy Blogger Just Launched A Clothing Line

Posted on Feb 21 2019 - 9:00am by Mia Gardner

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Suzie Bonaldi otherwise known as Hello October launched Bossy Store UK to kick off the new year. We often see influencers creating merchandise to promote their name and personal brand but not in this case. The Bossy Store has an incredibly powerful and uplifting message behind it. It’s well on its way to becoming revolutionary. Here’s why…

Bossy Store: The Message

The bossy story is all about being proud to have a voice. The brand brings about the culture of being fearless and not caring about coming across too powerfully whether that’s in class projects, jobs or running a business. Hello October has become more open about enjoying being her own boss and managing her own team of people and it’s this kind of female empowerment that we need.

On the Bossy Store Instagram page she explained:

“Yesterday in the FAQ questions someone asked me: what does bossy mean to you now? To me, bossy has become more than just owning being bossy. At first, it started out with just the word, accepting that I was bossy and owning that part of my personality. Now it’s a reminder to own and accept all of yourself. To allow yourself to be who you are, without apologising, without excusing and without questioning yourself. There’s a real strength I pull from Bossy, and I hope you do too. ✨”

Bossy Store: The Product Line

With Bossy Store being a fairly new brand, they have started out with one stand-out item – the Bossy Black Crop Hoodie. Lots of fellow influencers have been supporting her including Lucy Connell and Victoria aka In The Frow.

Everyone's Favourite Bossy Blogger Has Launched A Clothing Line

The hoodies are also available for a wide range of sizes with a ‘Small’ catering for 8-10 and ‘XXL’ for 16-18. Each one is made of premium quality for £35. Some would say it’s potentially a little steep for a singular new item but part of that price is supporting the mastermind behind the brand.

Hello October has already said that she’ll be restocking the hoodies and there are new designs to come too. With plenty to look forward to, the Bossy Store has real potential. It’s so much more than just another merch line too. Bossy has an aesthetic and Suzie is owning it!

Cr: Instagram @bossystoreuk, @hellooctober, bossystoreuk.com

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