YouTube Star Renee Lee Rose and Why She is Simply Living Her Best Life

Posted on Feb 12 2019 - 9:45am by Stella M

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Do you have what it takes to stand out from the rest of the vloggers proliferating in different industries today? Well, YouTube inspiration Renee Lee Rose has just been doing great in her vlogs about beauty, lifestyle, and fashion. This brought her to fame as she gained massive popularity from her Insta followers and YouTube subscribers.

Originally from London, Rose is a fashion model, actress, health advocate and social media starlet. She aims to inspire others through the brands she supports and the lifestyle choices she makes and YouTube has become her platform. As a regular YouTuber from August 2015, Rose became a celebrity in no time. She amassed over 125,000 YouTube subscribers to her channel alone. About 107,000 people follow her on Instagram under her self-titled account. She is also an actress with appearances on television giving her channel more and more popularity rating.


Among her most interesting videos are those in relation to the cosmetics and hair products that she has been using. Follow her social media accounts and you’ll surely get lots of useful tips, tricks, and products to style your hair, whatever the occasion . Take a look at how stunning she looks in her ‘Kimmy K’ wig from Lulla Bellz.

She fashions different clothing lines and brands — check out her top and jeans from FashionNova. Her treatments from Glow Aesthetics are worth a try so that you can look as good as her. Can we just take some time to say how amazing she looks with her top and skirt from NOS? Feel like a queen and get an edge over others with the glamorous swimwear from Meshk, just like the ones she models. Smile with shimmering teeth like hers with the Bamboo Charcoal Whitening Polish from Mr. Blanc Teeth. Or how about a rugged but still in-style look from PrettyLittleThing? These are just some of our favourite videos.


Along with Tiffanie Seaberry, she has already established a strong reputation in fashion and beauty blogging. This has made her a remarkable social media starlet herself.

Rose is also an actress apart from being a YouTube and Insta sensation. She is known as one of the stars among the cast of the 2008 film ‘Clubbed’ with Idris Elba where she played the role of a dancer.

What makes her different from the other fashion models and celebrities? Rose is passionate about the maintenance of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. She loves the strawberry nutritional shake mix from Herbalife Nutrition for her health journey. So has she inspired you to have a more socially rewarding life?


Cr: IG – @reneeleerose

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