Travel in Luxury While Staying Safe as a Singleton in St. Martin

Posted on Feb 9 2019 - 7:35am by Stella M

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Travellers tend to look at notable destinations along with their safety rankings to find the best place for a lone travel, especially single ladies who want to go on a holiday alone. Are you one of these ladies? If so then head to the Caribbean island of St. Martin, which is identified as one of the top solo female travellers’ destination. Here you will find guaranteed activities that allow you to mingle at dinner along the seashore with other singletons.

Unleash your adrenaline rush by booking a Fly Zone Xtreme tour at Loterie Farm near the island’s highest point in Pic Paradis. You will experience a rush from this zip-line and obstacle course. The tour begins with a bus ride going up to the mountain where you will be sailing over the treetops. It is being offered on a first come first serve basis so you need to be early to get your slot. Here, you can be up close and personal with nature.

Hopping to the other islands is made easy when you start from St. Martin. You will reach Anguilla in 20 minutes on board a ferry from Marigot. Dip into the pristine white sand beaches of the island or rent a car and explore the island on your own. The British Overseas Territory offers a wildlife conservation site at East End Pond as well as the Big Spring Cave.

Centuries ago, the legendary Guavaberry liquor was made in homes and cherished. In fact, stories and songs were made about the liquor. The headquarters of the guavaberry world are on Front Street’s old cedar townhouse in Phillipsburg. They also host tourists in search of fruity and sweet liquor.

The busiest and clothing optional Orient Bay beach hosts activities like parasailing, jet skiing, banana boat riding, snorkeling, and windsurfing along its 2-mile stretched sand. You just have to get around for the best possible price from the vendors along the beach. Trip out and sail to Prickly Pear Cay in the blue waters of the Caribbean region. You’ll be able to see flying fish launching themselves out of the water. You might want to try its snorkelling activity as well as get and eat barbecue being sold along the seashore.


Should you have interest in animals, pay a visit to the St. Maarten Zoological Park. The park serves as the home for various birds, animals, and other local species. Among them are parrots, macaws, and birds. This is also a perfect venue to meet new friends and mingle with them.

There’s nothing wrong with travelling alone; just choose a setting that’s appealing to fellow singles. Whether you prefer the night life or a beachy escape, pick from the spots and activities recommended above.

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