5 Hot Picks From Maya Jama’s Fierce New Collection With Pretty Little Thing

Posted on Feb 6 2019 - 7:30am by Mia Gardner

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She’s hilarious, she’s wild, she’s loveable… she’s Maya Jama. Our favourite television presenter and radio DJ has just released an incredible clothing collection. The line is quickly selling out as we see this Bristol-born beauty is dropping new levels of coolness with her Pretty Little Thing Part 2 collaboration. The aesthetic for the new season is finally here. Today, we’re sharing with you our favourite pieces from the slick new release that is making fashion history.

Maya Jama

Maya Jama

Time To Dive Into The Collection

1. Red Snake Vinyl Trench Coat

Maya Jama

This jacket has got fierce written all over it. Yes, we’ve seen the iconic snake print before but in a vinyl finish – just wow. The stiletto-shaped nails and hoops really do add an extra edge to the outfit too. The question is, how badass are you feeling on a scale of 1 to 10? Come on, I bet you could pull it off.

2. Monochrome Check Co-ord

Maya Jama

With this outfit combo featuring in the new collection, Maya Jama gives us the official tick of approval for wearing the same print all over. I won’t lie, she does look extra cool with the classic dropped shoulder pose. However, there is something that just feels right about this one. Wearing a fully coordinated outfit adds the essence of both simplicity and sophistication. The former because the idea of doing so is obvious when you think about it and the latter because of that put-together feeling you’ll get.

3. Mint Zip Detail Co-ord

Maya Jama

Is anyone else feeling major ’60s vibes? The circular detail of the zips looks incredible – it’s kind of like jewellery for your clothing. With a pair of white boots to really accentuate a tan and vibe with the luminance of the mint green, you’re on to a winner. This is definitely one of the quirkier pieces in Maya Jama’s new collection and it’s something that can look amazing on all body types.

4. Chocolate Brown Faux Fur Jacket & Joggers

Maya Jama

So that zip detailing we just fell in love with makes an appearance again on this jacket of this delicious combo. Chocolate brown is one of the hottest colours to be wearing right now and in this velvety, plushy, material, Maya is looking like a snack. You can almost feel the softness of the material in the palm of your hand if you look closely enough. To finish it off, the industrial-inspired boots take this outfit to a whole new level we didn’t even know existed.

5. Toffee Shell Shift Dress

Maya Jama

So, you must be familiar with the infamous shell suits that were hella popular in the late ’80s and ’90s, right? Ask your Dad and if he knows you can officially give him the ‘cool’ verification. Well, that iconic suit undergoes an incredible transformation thanks to the designers at Pretty Little Thing. Our last pick for today is this Shell Shift Dress is predicted to be setting major trends in 2019. This is because of how unique and different it is to anything else out there. It could also be the perfect jacket to take on a night because it zips up to be a dress. Pure genius really.

What are some of your favourite pieces?

Cr: Instagram @mayajama, prettylittlething.com

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