Melis Ekrem Is Bringing Us Fresh Fashion Goodness With Vintage Checks

Posted on Feb 4 2019 - 12:50pm by Mia Gardner

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Strutting around the very streets of London serving true vintage fashion vibes is new girl on the block – Melis Ekrem. Originally from Cyprus and now residing in the capital of England, this stunning blogger is blowing fashion-lovers away with her talent for styling. She showcases her model-worthy snapshots on the likes of Instagram where her follower count just keeps on rising. And it’s no surprise. Many young women are sharing lookbook pictures every day but something that sets Melis away from the crowd is her flair for all things vintage.

Incorporating Check Patterns Into An Outfit With Melis Ekrem

1. The Bag

Melis Ekrem

I can see it now: Melis Ekrem living her best life on a double-page spread advert for Burberry. That classic British heritage check pattern seems to be just her thing. Here, she styles a checked bag with a neutral trench coat, loose jeans and flats. It’s a simple look to put together but not all of us are fortunate enough to be able to pull it off. Maybe Melis’s gorgeous, long, slim figure helps but either way this outfit will ooze glamour on anyone.

2. The Skirt

Melis Ekrem

Miniskirts are great for whatever the season we are in. In this second outfit we’re loving right now, Melis styles a wet-look checked mini skirt with layered jumpers in neutral hues and 60’s inspired white boots. First of all, can I just say how genius the idea of wearing white boots is? It’s like getting a white mani-pedi to bring out your natural tan. Who knew it’d also work rather well with clothing too? (Note to self: must try that one out).

3. The Power Suit

Melis Ekrem

Next up is possibly the most daring option of the five in total I’ve got planned for you. But, hey ho, it’s good to wear things that are outside of your comfort zone. It’s the only way you can test out which styles can bring out different elements of your personality. This one is checked head-to-… ankle. It’s with outfits like this that we see androgyny proudly making its mark in the fashion industry because, yes, women look incredible in suits too. On a scale of ‘I’ll just get a checked purse’ to ‘I’m a badass’, this is definitely teetering towards the latter. We dare you to give it a try.

4. The Dress

Melis Ekrem

Perhaps an option that you’d be slightly more keen on starting off with: this stunning dress. It is in fact by Ghospell, a brand close to our hearts, and her styling is once again on point. For the classiest of vibes like Melis’s, you can pair it with cute ankle boots and a matching bag. However, if you’re after a more casual look, you could make a statement with a pair of converse.

5. The Coat

Melis Ekrem

Finally, we have checked outerwear. There isn’t much space to go wrong when it comes to styling a patterned jacket. Just as long as you keep the layers underneath more stripped back, it’s a recipe for perfection.

Something else rather perfect that you may have noticed thus far is Melis Ekrem’s kind of familiar face. Any guesses? Does Bella Hadid ring a bell? She actually retweeted this:

I mean, who doesn’t think Bella Hadid is quite frankly drop-dead gorgeous? Yet whilst Melis shares some similarities with her in appearance, it doesn’t stop her from being totally unique.

The difference between fashion bloggers and supermodels is that the social media stars are their own stylists. And with that said, I’m envisioning big things for Melis Ekrem.

Cr: Instagram @melisekrem

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