Jordan: a wonder among a desert landscape

Posted on Jan 29 2019 - 7:16am by Stella M

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Treasure a moment in the safe haven of Jordan. Explore its inspiring landscapes of deserts. See its twinkling nightlife. Have a delightful view of its World Heritage sites. Be mesmerized with a solitary experience of emptiness and silence adding to its allure.  Yes, they’re all here for you to experience.

Tourism in Jordan

With safety concerns in mind, many view Jordanian tourism slow after the 2011 Arab Spring uprising. A survey shows, however, an increase in the number of tourists thereafter. This growth is contributory to its industrial prosperity as new programmes, social enterprises, and homestays open to sharing its culture to tourists.

What’s Interesting Here?

You should head to Jordan on your next venture. Here’s why:

Hospitality Since Time Began

Ancient hospitality is a tradition of the country as it welcomes visitors. King’s Highway transports frankincense for the spices while Roman legionnaires, zealous Crusaders, and Nabataean merchants pass through the land. The impressive monuments are the ones alluring its subsequent travellers looking for the origins of its faith and antiquity. Such tradition continues until today.

The Global Wonder of Petra

Ancient Nabataean city or the so-named Petra is in the centre of the country’s sandstone escarpments. It serves as the jewel in the many antiquities of the area. Its defining monument Siq to the Treasury impresses most of the weary visitors. Its changing dusk and dawn lights and rocky landscape reward a more extended visit.

Amazing Landscapes of its Deserts

See the sunset as you ride through Wadi Rum and experience the reddened dunes and sandstone. The desert landscapes here encompass flowing canyons with seasonal water, a salt sea at its lowest point, scattered flowers around hills, and oases of palm trees. You only need a modest budget and minimal planning for your adventure.

A Haven for Your Safety

Hosting flocks of visitors necessitate tolerance, and Jordan amply displays this virtue. The country absorbs thousands of refugees coming from Iraq, Syria, and the Palestinian Territories. Rural life manages to keep its ancient traditions continuously. It is still one of the safest countries with quintessential Middle East impression. This situation is despite and in spite of the challenges brought by urbanization and modernization of the country.

The Wealth of Waterfalls on the Dead Sea Coast

Go further inland and find canyons, valleys, waterfalls and other offbeat nature experiences removed from the languid seashore. Such is a great activity after an adrenaline excursion around the country. Relax to the sprouting resorts here reminding you more of the Caribbean Region rather than the desert.

More Than Just Petra

I bet the iconic Treasury of Petra first came to your mind upon hearing Jordan. Go north side, just an hour travel from Amman to Jerash and see the ruins rivaling those of Rome. Canyoneering, cooking lessons, ATV tours, diving, hiking, etc., are also available in this paradise.

But before heading to Jordan, you need to know when you should go.

When Best to Go

Jordan is a destination year-round. You will find a wide variation of its climate although it’s small. Springtime from March to May is the best time to come here with its toasty temperatures. The valleys and hills running down its center are colorful and lush. It has a pleasant humidity as well as clear sunlight.

The June-September Summer temperature of the city center rises to 40 degrees Celsius although its heat is dry and uncomfortable. Autumn weather is typical and lovely for a visit here as some parts of the countryside bloom. Temperatures slow down and at any manageable levels.

So what else are you waiting for? Go; visit Jordan before its destination is flocked by tourists. See you there then.


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