Hannah Renée: Meet The Girlboss Who Just Took Fashion Videos To The Next Level

Posted on Jan 29 2019 - 7:09am by Mia Gardner

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Hannah Renée has just taken fashion lookbook videos to the next level. This girl is delivering Missguided editorial-worthy content – the sorta stuff you’d see on TV – and everyone is living for it. At just 21 years old, Hannah is reinventing what it means to be a true YouTuber. She’s setting incredible standards in the industry and boy oh boy are they high.

Born and raised in Manchester, this beauty has worked her way from being a makeup counter gal to carving out her very own career. Unsurprisingly, she’s a Leo, therefore we’re suspecting her energetic and optimistic qualities will continue to push her to new extremes. Now, let’s take a look at this brand new Oscar award-winning lookbook to kick off 2019.

In just two minutes and forty-nine seconds, Hannah Renée delivers pure fashion gold. From cosy neutral colour palettes and teddy fabrics to fierce animal prints and sparkling Louboutins, her followers are feeling a little bit shook. And quite frankly, she feels the same way.

Just before the upload, on her Instagram story, she confessed: “I’m so excited for you guys to see this, I am so happy with it. There are six outfits in total which is more than I’ve ever done for a lookbook and I just feel like it looks really professional and good which is what I’ve always wanted my lookbooks to be.”

Hannah Renée

One outfit in particular that has caught the attention of many is this neutral-meets-animal-print combo. Featuring snake print trousers from Missguided and a cheeky Gucci crossbody mini bag, it’s clear to see that Miss Renée has no issues in the styling department either.

Hannah Renée And Her Journey

Starting a YouTube channel back in 2014 whilst YouTube was reaching its peak was quite clearly genius. She has collected over 20 million views across her videos but what makes Hannah different to others is her genuine passion. She puts time and effort into making her videos the best quality possible because it’s a form of art, not just a money-making tool. Everyone can see it.

She maintains such a loyal (not to mention growing) following purely for the greatness of her content and her heart-warming personality. Hannah delivers the best of makeup and beauty but as you have seen today, her fashion videos are extraordinary. She’s a natural stylist and perhaps we’ll see her bringing out her own clothing collections one day.

In addition to this, she’s great friends with fellow influencers Jordan Lipscombe and Rachel Leary. They share a large majority of the same following and it’s not surprising because all three girls are super talented at what they do.

Hannah Renée

Many people are shocked when they find out just how lucrative the social media influencer industry is with some of the most well-known earning thousands of pounds for a single post on Instagram. However, it’s always refreshing to see authentic personalities shine through original more underground channels like Hannah’s.

Hannah Renée

If you ask me, Hannah Renée has got the balance just right and it’s clear to see that the life of being a public figure is much more than just a job. She’s a star ?.

Cr: Instagram @hanxrenee

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