Hiro Miyoshi: The Hottest Hair Salon At The Ritz Right Now

Posted on Jan 22 2019 - 10:00am by Mia Gardner

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Hiro Miyoshi is a Japanese hairdressing salon that has now arrived in the UK that is quite literally award-winning.We all know that when it comes to clothes there is such thing as high-fashion but Hiro Miyoshi’s hairdressing is high-end on the hair spectrum too. With omotenashi (the spirit of Japanese hospitality), this salon is incomparable to others based in London today. Here’s why…Founders, Hiro Miyoshi and his wife, Asami, created the brand in 2014. They started out by opening a salon in London’s Mayfair after Hiro becoming a successful hairstylist and colourist once moving to the UK from Japan. The idea to open a salon came about after he realised something was missing – an Omotenashi service. Something that has was an expert in and truly believed that creating a high-end level of hospitality for clients would be something he’d never regret.

After finding huge success upon opening a salon in Mayfair, it wasn’t long until he was setting up to take over The Ritz. And something that he ensures each of his salons achieves is to make their customers feel uplifted, confident and assured. All of which are done by offering such a fabulously unique experience.

The Brand’s Big Plans

Since the opening of the second salon in The Ritz London, Hiro Miyoshi Hair & Beauty is now aiming to develop their own product line. As well as this, they also hope to break into New York City and Tokyo – and we have every confidence. In addition to the incredible service, these also use high-end hair products on their clients. A couple of the main brands they use are Oribe and Nashi. And guess what? Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Cher are known to be big fans of.

We loved catching up with Hiro Miyoshi to find out everything about the brand. And we knew instantly that we just had to share our new discovery with you. They’re available on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and you can even sign up to their email newsletter to find out all the latest developments. We predict huge success in their future, and we’re also thinking, if you’re looking to treat yourself to a new hair-do for 2019, you now know the perfect place to go!

Cr: Instagram @hiromiyoshihairandbeauty

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