Jamie Genevieve The Scottish Makeup Slayer

Posted on Jan 17 2019 - 7:18am by Mia Gardner

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Jamie Genevieve’s iconic Scottish accent is as fabulous as her makeup skills. She is 100% a natural beauty and what she can do with a brush or two will blow you away. Her talents come to life on the cue of that small, cute squeal she makes as she zooms us in on her videos, ready for the close-up. Jamie is a counter-girl turned influential makeup artist and we found out how exactly she did it.

Jamie Genevieve

It has taken a lot of time and effort to get to where she is today. 1.7 million fans across social media channels later, she’s offered incredible opportunities every day. Most recently, she collaborated with MAC Cosmetics to great the nude lipstick she’s always dreamed of. And, of course, her following along with many other, snapped the stock up in no time.

It’s been one of her biggest achievements to date but something that shocked us all recently was a surprise collaboration with actress and entrepreneur Drew Barrymore. Together, they sat down in Jamie’s hotel room and filmed a girly classic – Get Ready With Me. Something that we all love, right? Personally, I like to whack a video like this on in the morning whilst I do my own makeup. Inspiration and a gossip? Yes, please.

More Adventures

Thanks to Jamie sharing her makeup artistry talents online, her life is now full of endless adventures. As well as looking forward to an amazing wedding of her own with fiance Jack very soon, she’s always up to something. Jamie spends her time travelling the world working with brands that she loves to create gorgeous photoshoot campaigns for the gram. She often vlogs them too.

In an interview with GLAMOUR, she said: ‘Vlogging has taught me that being a weirdo is not a bad thing. I am so firm on that because people relate to me and it’s not because I’m good at makeup and it’s not because I travel the world. It’s actually because I am usually at home wearing the same t-shirt for three days, relaxing.’

Another incredible thing about Jamie is how down to earth she is. Ultimately, it’s one of the reasons why influencers these days have the ability to gain more organic audiences that celebrities. And this is because of their relatability and the messages they’re sending out to others that anything is possible.

Jamie Genevieve

Jamie is one of a kind. An influencer and entrepreneur. She already has her own line or merchandise but we’re predicting that with her epic fashion sense, maybe she’ll even have her own fashion label one day. She was a young girl with a dream to improve and show off her makeup skills and she’s done so much more than she could have ever dreamed of. We hope you found this as motivating as we did. Anything can happen, just believe in yourself.

Cr: Instagram @jamiegeneveive

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