Make Your Palate Fall in Love Again at the Ristorante Aroma

Posted on Jan 11 2019 - 7:09am by Stella M

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Ristorante Aroma at Palazzo Manfredi

How would you like to indulge in classic Italian dishes reflecting quintessential Rome on a scenic terrace with a Colosseum view? The outdoor terrace of Ristorante Aroma offers unparalleled views of Ancient Rome as it pays tribute to the city and to the aromas from its imaginative and creative Mediterranean cuisine. Try the menu of Chef Giuseppe Di Iorio that combines his flair ideas and ingredients with the traditional Italian-style cooking. Complete your indulgence here with one of its wine offerings of different varieties.

Whether it is a romantic dinner or a private party, Aroma is just the perfect haven to celebrate with its intimate ambiance like no other.  You can even book the whole restaurant for an exclusive use of your private events. Just be reminded of its dress code, which is smart casual dress, when dining. Gentlemen are advised to get there with a dress shirt and trousers on. Guests are also discouraged from wearing sleeveless shirts, thong sandals and shorts.

celebrate with love


What to eat?

The high-quality cooking at Aroma is something worth experiencing. Chef Di Iorio only uses fresh ingredients in his cooking. His main courses revolve around the different varieties of pasta. He also serves appetizers showcasing lesser-known fish species alongside local produce and meat options. Various types of menus are available such as:

  • Tasting
  • San Valentino
  • Gluten Free
  • A La Carte
  • Dessert

have a bite

Take breakfast on the top floor of the Palazzo Manfredi with the sun rays that bath with imperial Rome in the background. St. Peter’s Basilica will also greet you with a beautiful morning in the city of Rome.

Aroma Bistró overlooking Roman landmarks Domus Aurea and the Oppian Hill

The Aroma Bistro

On the other hand, the Aroma Bistro allows you to enjoy an informal meal at the restaurant. Expect for a more laid-back and faster meal. Its dishes are less complicated giving lesser time for preparation, and of course, waiting. This makes the Bistro worth checking out even when you are busy. You will notice the difference in the tone between the bistro and the restaurant but it depends on the type of meal you are after.

The view of the Colosseum is still magnificent while the Oppian Hill and Domus Aurea are quintessentially Roman. These backdrops offer you a quieter and calmer hub while having a rural feel of the open sky and the lush of trees. Here at Aroma Bistro, you will be served with Italian cuisine of flavorful classics like Taggiasche olives with Provola and shaken Carbonara rigatoni. Dessert indulgencies include the Tiramisu Aroma that features Gumaja 70% chocolate.

Sip your wine

The American-Style Lounge Bar

With its romantic setting at the panoramic terrace of Palazzo Manfredi, the Aroma’s splendid lounge bar is ideal for a sought-after relaxation from the chaotic city life. Escape from anything you need to do to take a quick lunch here. Sipping a glass of the finest Italian wine or champagne here will also be a lovely thing to do.

Cheers to a beautiful day in Roma

Other than the famed Colosseum, you can also see the must-visit tourist attractions Basilica of San Clemente and Domus Aurea or Golden House of Nero from the Ristorante Aroma.

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Where else would you want to be then? This is a sweet, romantic temptation that you simply can’t resist. No wonder Ristorante Aroma is dubbed as one of the world’s finest romantic restaurants.

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