Exclusive Interview with Briana Nicole: PR Genius & Instagram Beauty

Posted on Jan 8 2019 - 7:11am by Mia Gardner

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Here at Coture Social, one of our main passions is promoting you. Within the ‘influencersphere’ (yes that may or may not just be a new word we’ve conjured up) the talent is endless. Today, social media is oozing diversity through so many young aspirational bloggers, models, writers, photographers. We recently got a chance to catch up with LA-based fashion and lifestyle blogger, Briana Nicole. This is her story.

Briana Nicole

What inspired you to start blogging?

Blogging started off as a random hobby that I didn’t take seriously in my freshman year of college. I had no real niche and did not blog frequently. But as I started to see real bloggers grow, I decided it would be something that I would really enjoy focusing on and I had to take it seriously.

Who do you look up to in the industry and take inspiration from?

I take inspiration from bloggers who began with a blog and now have either a lifestyle website with a staff or work in a similar industry. I look up to Marianna Hewitt and Jaclyn Johnson from Create and Cultivate.

Briana Nicole

What do you do on a day-to-day basis in your career?

I work in PR and do lots of Social Media. It helps with my blog because I have to stay up to date on the latest trends and analytics.

What are some of your favourite clothing brands and go-to outfits for different seasons?

My favourite brands are Show Me Your Mumu, Revolve, and Free People! My go-to outfits are usually some kind of denim and a white blouse. I like statement pieces though. Fun shoes and accessories are the best! I also love neutrals so I usually am wearing one or the other. Fall and Winter oversized sweaters are a must and Spring and Summer you can catch me in skirts or jean shorts.

Do you have any rituals or beauty routines?

Of course! In the morning I mist my face with Kopari’s Rose toner, then I apply one of my three under eye creams, then a face moisturizer. Once a week I do a mask. I usually stick with a charcoal mask, brightening mask or a mud mask; and I always put on lotion as soon as I get out of the shower! It’s a must to lock in moisture.

Are there any exciting projects you have coming up?

My projects usually consist of collabs and attending fun events. I have a series on my blog right now where you can see my collabs with a few of my favourite LA bloggers. Also, I like to attend as many blogger events as possible and you can see those on my Instagram stories before it hits the blog. I also have some fun shoots coming up as well!

What are you envisioning in your future?

Right now I am honestly just going with the flow! Trying to grow my blog little by little is a priority and finding a PR job that feels right is another huge priority. I hope to one-day work with bigger beauty and fashion brands, though!

Tell us something we don’t know…

I believe I am who I am because of both my parents and overcoming my anxiety. I have the most supportive and giving parents in the world and I know I am a mix of them both. Overcoming my anxiety can sometimes be a daily struggle, but ever since I have gotten it under control I feel like I can get through most things now!

Finally, what advice do you have for aspiring bloggers that could only dream of doing what you are doing one day?

BE CONSISTENT. Consistency is so important and really helps your following. You have to be dedicated and ready to push out content. Make a plan with what you want to share and keep up with it. It can be hard but once you start, don’t just stop and come back to it, you’ll never grow.

Briana Nicole

Cr: Instagram @briana.nicole03

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