Cruise Through Amsterdam’s Historic Golden Age Canals

Posted on Dec 27 2018 - 7:59am by Stella M

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Devour those treasure-filled museums, dining and drinking scenes as well as vintage-packed shops when you visit Amsterdam and admire its historic canals.

With the rich history and culture of the city, there are a variety of reasons why the number of visitors to Amsterdam continue to increase year after year. There are so many things you can see and do when you’re here.

Explore the Urban Areas

Walk or drive through the city’s canal-woven core laced by the narrow lanes. A surprising discovery might be waiting ahead of you. A boutique selling Dutch-designed homewares, a hidden garden, a flower stall with displays of tulips in different hues, an ultra-niche restaurant, a jenever distillery, an old monastery and many more are all precious finds. Enjoy the likes of creative enterprises like craft breweries, technology start-ups, and art galleries that are dying to take advantage of Amsterdam’s centre stage. Or dance and drink your night away at the hottest clubs in Europe here.

Experience Gezellig

Leave your worries and be stress-free with a gezellig (cosy or convivial) feeling. This is best experienced in a bruin café (brown cafe). Another way to feel this is when you linger after dinner in a wood-panelled snug restaurant while the candles around burn low.

Go for a Boat and/or Bike Travel

Residents in Amsterdam are used to a two-wheeling way of life when they go to the shop, commute to work, or even meet their date. Gear up and take a spin yourself from the bike-rental shops all over the place. There are various opportunities for you to drift with its massive harbour and canals. Hop aboard a free ferry, a canal boat, or a rent-your-own boat for a windy-hair ride. The canal cruises are of different offerings: night or day cruise, pizza cruise, candlelight or romantic dinner cruise, cocktail cruise, sightseeing cruise, and many more.

Admire the Age-Old Art

No trip to Amsterdam is complete without bumping into a masterpiece in your kilometre-walk. Golden Age treasures from famous artists are on display at the city’s great museums such as the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum and the Hermitage Amsterdam.

Be Alive at Night

Evening entertainment in Amsterdam becomes its main attraction for those who are alive at night. Experience nightlife at its most notable square and nightlife hub – Leidseplein. You can find well-known bars, restaurants, clubs and cafes around or in its surrounding streets. Another touristy area in the city is the Red Light District, an emblem of the city. Just don’t take outright photos of ladies without permission to stay out of possible trouble. So if you’re into evening exploration in Amsterdam, you can make the most of your stay.

See Amazing Flowers Sold

Get the freshest and mostly pastel-hued flowers from the Flower Market. What’s more interesting about it? The market is floating on the canal named Singel. Unlike the procedure in the past, the flowers are no longer boat-shipped. The culture and ethics in the market still remain though. Experience a rare historical treat when walking by in the market.

When Best to Go?

You will find the city very attractive during the off-season from November to March. The in-season starts in April and ends in the middle of October. The season peaks during the months of July and August. Its climate is never extreme at any time of the year though. Amsterdam is a city that is world class with its unique character and history. Why not have an enriching time away on your next holiday?

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