RYS Hair & Beauty: The Dreamy London-Based Beauty Boutique

Posted on Dec 25 2018 - 7:58am by Mia Gardner

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RYS is a boutique hair and beauty salon based in the heart of Knightsbridge, London. Priding themselves with impeccable quality of hairdressing, RYS also describe their products as unique and luxurious along with the aspect that they never fail to perform well. They specialise in environmentally-friendly, organically-driven hair care that rises above the quality of high street brands. Now, this is a salon to watch out for!


The RYS Experience

Not only did we catch up with the team at RYS Hair & Beauty, but we’ve also sent a couple of bloggers we’re working with at the moment to try and test different treatments in person. But more on that later. In regards to everything RYS has to offer, they exclusively told us that they focus on leaving a lasting impression on their customers in every way possible. They want their clients to not only see but feel the benefits of the professional products used on them.


In addition to this, they told us that one of their main aims is to change a woman’s lifestyle. And to do so, they hope that upon leaving the salon, each client will then make time for investing in their hair and viewing it as a crown they’d never take off.

Starting Up The Brand

Something that helps massively with any new startup business is drive and passion. The founders were short of neither. After conjuring up the name from their initials they created their new brand in just 2013. They’ve since become extremely active across social media to really engage with their clients as well as promoting their glamourous services. In addition to being on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, they even have their own app!

Tried & Tested: Blogger Edition

We sent a couple of bloggers to our partnering hair salon and here’s what they had to say.

“I was treated to several different treatments; first reflexology with the lovely Simon, then a fabulous deluxe manicure, then I received a Botox filler hair conditioning treatment and blow dry – and finally I had a Lash Lift, Henna eyebrow tint and eyebrow threading with the wonderful Prital. I had not heard of the eyebrow Henna tint before – but I wish I had! It is a treatment I will definitely continue with, its made my eyebrows more defined – meaning I don’t need to pencil them in anymore. The staff were all incredibly friendly and very professional. I really enjoyed my time at the salon – it was very relaxing! It was actually so relaxing that I may have dozed off a couple of times… I would love to go back to RYS Salon and have the same treatments!”

With the new year fast approaching, we’re guessing lots of you readers are planning on switching up your style. Whether that’s with your hair colour or a new manicure, now is the time to get booking with RYS. Jennifer Lopez, Kendall Jenner and Penelope Cruz are just some of the celebrities who use product brands that they stock too.

Why not treat yourself to one of RYS renowned bespoke hair treatments? A whole new side of you is yet to be unveiled in through just a change in style. They’re a young, dynamic brand who are eager to expand and are even planning on opening up a training school for future stylists and pamper queens. You could be a part of it.

Cr: Instagram @ryshairandbeauty, @amberdoingthorne, @ambzdt

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