Embrace An Island Vibe at the Caribbean’s Providenciales Island

Posted on Dec 21 2018 - 7:41am by Stella M

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What’s would you do frequently if you visited the Island? Images via @turksandcaicos.

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 Providenciales Island

Known by locals as Provo, Providenciales is the most developed Turks and Caicos island. It is the touristic and commercial capital of the archipelago. It is home to the Providenciales International Airport and the development of all-inclusive resorts. The reef halo is blooming in every direction and the mile-long beautiful white-sand beaches are one of its greatest attractions.

Providenciales beaches

You will not run out of reasons to spend on this beautiful island.

It highlights some of the most inviting ocean water and white-sand beaches in the world. You will definitely find paradise in its secluded Sapodilla Bay and Taylor Bay beaches and the internationally acclaimed Grace Bay Beach. The stunning reefs of the beaches are close to the seashore making them best for snorkelling to see fish, turtles and corals.

Harbour Club Villas and Marina

Would you want to get away from the island’s central bustle? Rent any of its boutique vacation villas. They are usually found on its often overlooked and smaller beaches. You’ve got to enjoy their amenities like the complimentary use of water sports equipment and infinity pools. Luxurious vacation mansions are also available on pristine and secluded beaches if you want a private patch of sun and sand.

Coral Gardens,Right on Grace Bay Beach

There are a lot of fun adventures you can have in and on the crystal-clear waters of the island. Get the most of the tranquil waters of the island through water sports such as kayaking, kiteboarding or wetland eco paddle boarding. Looking for more excitement? Go for parasailing, tubing, wakeboarding, or jet skiing. Sports fishing is also great on the island. The Caicos Banks is shallow enough that it is now regarded as one among the last undiscovered bonefishing frontiers.

French Cay

A beach boat and snorkelling cruise will give you an experience of what it is to live in secluded beaches and uninhabited cays. These are the home to the distinctive marine mammal, Jojo the Dolphin, which interacts with humans. Other activities are the kid-friendly snorkelling, beach cruising and barbecue excursions. A custom boat charter is also being offered if you’re a wildlife discoverer. The boat will be able to take you to the West Caicos historical sites and cliffs, reefs, Fort Saint George, or the French Cay wildlife sanctuary.

The Princess Alexandra National Park

Providenciales is home to an 18-hole golf course, nature reserve and beautiful wetlands. You can also find the scenic and unique turquoise Chalk Sound Lagoon. At the northeast coast of the island sits the incredible Princess Alexandra National Park, which protects the top-rated beaches and nature reserve cays. This is an exquisite area, which is ideal for boat tours and day trips.

The Loyalist Cheshire Hall Plantation is a sole historical site on the island. Among other attractions inland are the historical rock inscriptions, Karst sinkhole and nature trails.

Providenciales, Turks And Caicos Islands

Getting There

It only takes you 90 minutes to reach Providenciales by air from Miami. There are direct flights from over 20 cities to the Providenciales International Airport. As you arrived at the airport, you can hire a rental car to take you around the island.

When You Should Go

It is best to visit Providenciales in April and May. The prices during these months are low as well as the number of crowds. Though it is gifted with pleasant weather all year round, rain showers and hurricanes linger between June and November. If you love everything modern with an island vibe, visit Providenciales.

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