Shake Shack: The Yummiest Burger and Malted Milkshakes Yet

Posted on Dec 19 2018 - 7:07am by Andia R

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The Shake Shack is your modern-day roadside burger stand on Tottenham Court Road, London. They serve the most delicious french fries, burgers, frozen custards, hot dogs, shakes, wine, beer and much more. It is a place you can sit in the courtyard as well as eat and check out the atmosphere while listening to the street entertainer’s music.

The Shake Shack is an awesome place to unwind with amazing burgers and milkshake. The meat is of excellent quality and is perfectly cooked. Their sauce is also tasty. You can also get fries with cheese; beef, chicken or vegetarian. They are keen on originality, deliberately distancing themselves from the kind of cheap, hormone-pumped US beef that has polluted other burger chains.

Try popping in on separate occasions to try out different burgers. They have an exceptionally tasty mushroom burger. There is plenty of sitting space and fast, friendly service. Staff are lovely, even with stubborn customers. You can also get free refills on soft drinks. The Shake Shack opens at 7.00 am since the location is in the heart of London’s financial centre where the early morning football is unravelled. Breakfast sandwiches take inspiration from the likes of McDonald’s sausages and egg McMuffin. All sandwiches include grilled eggs topped with American cheese on the toasted bun.

It’s no wonder that Ryan Sutton, the restaurant critic, gave their sandwiches a thumbs up in 2016 referring to the Shake Shack as ‘the future of fast food breakfast.’ You can often have an unforgettable experience combined with a tasty burger and your favourite milkshake.

Life too short. It’s time to have fun with your friends, as you take selfies sharing amazing burgers. Come on. Be the leader your friends are looking for.


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