Caitlin Heath: A Natural Born Stylist

Posted on Dec 13 2018 - 7:50am by Mia Gardner

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Caitlin Heath is a social media influencer on the rise. Her followers love her for infinite outfit inspiration so she’s all pretty famous amongst the app, 21 Buttons. It’s a platform where you can see your fave blogger’s outfit details in full with links on where to get them too. How fabulous, right? We won’t lie, we don’t know too much about her at the moment as she doesn’t give too much away. But, what we do know is just how trendy she has been this year.

Caitlin Heath

Caitlin Heath: The Instagrammer to follow for styling ideas

We’re going to share with you some of our favourite alternative outfits of hers. Caitlin is our newest #PowerCrush because she really thinks outside of the box when it comes to putting different pieces together. No matter the occasion or the location, she never fails to amaze us.

Caitlin Heath

Our first favourite is neon animal print. Who’d have thought this would look so trendy. But, there is something so 90’s about this but so current at the same time. Pair a piece like this with some black leather, nail varnish and artistic jewellery and you’ll be looking like the rock goddess you’ve always dreamed of.

Caitlin Heath

If you’re looking to do something crazy, be bold and go with a one-piece. Flares have never been more on trend whether it’s for music festivals or a shopping trip with the girls. You can literally style it up or down however you please. Here, we’re loving how it looks with the over shoulder bag especially with the chains dropping down to give it even more oomph.

Caitlin Heath

Snake print, snake print, snake print – you can never have too much. Now when it comes to this particular print, you normally go for it on a bag or a pair of shoes. Not Caitlin. She bit the bullet and went for the whole she-bang. And it looks pretty cool, right? With this one, it’s the hues and colours of the print that look super autumnal and it also makes a tan pop, natural or not.

Caitlin Heath

A chilled tee, a silk skirt and white moon boots. Is this a vibe or is this a vibe? It’s crazy how put-together an outfit can look despite the fact you may have just decided to throw on a random combination. Caitlin is the queen of this because it looks intentional and it looks GOOD!

Caitlin Heath

Last but not least is this jumper jumpsuit. The ribbed texture is giving us major high-fashion, cashmere vibes. And you can finally have another outfit idea for those chunky white trainers you bought in the summer. Again, pair it with some super cool jewellery and you’ll be looking like a fashion stylist yourself!

Will you be keeping up with Caitlin Heath’s insta fashion goodness?

Cr: Instagram @caitlinheathxo

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