Samantha Josephene Is The Daring Chick You Always Wanted To Be

Posted on Dec 12 2018 - 10:30am by Mia Gardner

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Samantha Josephene is a trendsetter and a go-getter. She’s from the States and we’re consuming every last ounce of style goodness she’s dropping right now. Think of her as the girl in those high-fashion editorial ads meets contemporary artistic Tumblr girl. And there you have it.

Samantha Josephene

Samantha is our newest #PowerCrush because she is always pushing the boundaries with fashion. When you think about it, switching up clothing is just how we adorn our bodies depending on how we feel that day. There are endless colours, endless patterns, endless combinations and this girl is doing it all right. She’s got a super unique look and an Instagram aesthetic like no other. On there she shares everything from makeup routines to her favourite jewellery pieces and snippets of her family life. But, today, we’re focusing on her style. So here are some of our fave outfits of hers.

Samantha Josephene: She’s a vibe.

Samantha Josephene

Yes, her tattoos are incredible and probably make this outfit look a thousand times edgier. But, who’d have thought that adding a black mesh dress on top of a super cool 2-piece could look so effortlessly badass? If you’ve got the confidence to rock this kind of outfit, do it. You’ll be the coolest girl at the party.

Samantha Josephene

In just one outfit change to something lighter and silky, Samantha has completely changed up her look. And this is what fashion is all about. It’s a mood. A feeling. We’re loving this satin dress and how it’s got that rock chick vibe with the loose hair and fierce jewellery. It’s the sort of pieces you’d scroll past on your weekly online clothes shop browse and traditionally see styled up. But dressing down is what can transform a piece into something edgy.

Samantha Josephene

Here, we go to disco cowgirl. Who knew that nearly floor-length black mesh cardigans covered in beads would be such a look. We get it, dressing something black over the top of lots of pure white pieces isn’t the first idea that comes to mind when planning an outfit but here it just works. We’re loving Samantha because she does all the testing for us. And we’re guessing you’re a fan now too!

Samantha Josephene

Finally, we’ve got another alternative piece. A minuscule leopard print maxi dress, velvet red platform boots and a baker boy hat. Not your usual combo but Samantha Josephene looks like a rock goddess. We like to call this the effortless avant-garde effect. It’s when you pick just a few pieces from your wardrobe, all super different, throw them on and pose confidently in your new-found concoction. You’d be surprised how much it helps if you’re feeling uninspired.

What have you learnt from Samantha Josephene?

Cr: Instagram @samanthajosephene

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