The Green Room: An Urban Oasis Near The Stars

Posted on Dec 8 2018 - 8:27am by Hazel T

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If you are looking for the Green Room in London, you will need to remember to add the National Theatre in your search.

When you visit the Green Room, you can simply stretch out your hands and you will  be able to hug South Bank. The Green Room literally means the retiring room; an area for actors and actresses to rest and catch up after the night’s show or season finale.

You might even catch Tim Burton, Imelda Staunton, Helena Bonham Carter or Lenny Henry sitting right beside you. There used to be a high price to pay for such luxury but not any more.

This is a place meant for staff to relax, to reward themselves with a good drink and nibbles after all the hard work and practices. Hence, originally, there is a need to make sure that you were a member of staff or you knew a staff member in order to bring you in.

Nevertheless, it is not the case anymore for now, so there is no need to simply read this piece in front of your laptop. One can make their way here (with their pets too) as long as a reservation is garnered.

Even though The Green Room is close to a posh venue, she is nothing near it. A collaboration between the social enterprise Coin Street Community Builders and National Theatre, the Green Room is a conservation project brand under the name of a casual neighbourhood restaurant bar.

Over here, everything is environmental friendly, from building materials, cutlery, th tables and chairs because the aim is to create an urban oasis right in front of your eyes.

With head-to-toe glass panels as walls which enables one to overlook the open green space plus garden maintained by volunteers and local residents, the Green Room was designed by architect graduate – Benjamin Marks in the year 2015.

Most of the Green Room’s interior is made of wood, granite and stones, glowing with warmth under yellow beams. Dining tables were made from plywood supplied by a furniture maker from Brick Lane while the green tumblers were made from old wine bottles. There are also collections of posters and props recycled from previous performances.

Everything here is related to sustainability. The Green Room’s menu is simple. Designed by the National Theatre’s executive chef – Simon Flint, it is more like providing a quick nibble for those who are hurrying into a show or a side with drinks to reminiscence what they have just watched. Nevertheless, the Green Room burger, baby pack pork ribs, buffalo wings and baked Alaska are must try.

The Green Room is believed to be a five-year long effort, hence if you are tired of just celebrity spotting and would love to go for more on a Friday or Saturday night (prime time to see stars), do come over while the seat is still warm.

Photo credit: @thegreenroomse1, @_imogen__

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