The Cook Islands: A wonderful island vacation no matter the season

Posted on Dec 7 2018 - 8:12am by Stella M

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The Cook Islands atop

The perfect beach. A strong café culture. Sun-dappled waters. Relaxation. What else can you ask from a tourist hub that meets every traveller’s definition of a paradise? The Cook Islands will simply welcome you to its breathtakingly beautiful destinations.

Located at the center of the Pacific Coast, halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii are the 15 fantastic islets of the archipelago. It takes pride in being an oasis of freedom with its white sandy beaches, friendly locals, warm weather, and crystal blue waters. It is so easy to do as little or as much as you would like here. Share your Kia Orana-inspired tour, explore, and discover the passion of being on a little paradise.

All About the Islands

With droplets of land wildly cast across the wild Pacific coast, you’ll definitely love everything about the islands except saying goodbye. Let’s explore…

pretty sweet isand bar and beach in Aitutaki

unforgettable Polynesian Wedding


Housing about 1800 people, Aitutaki, the most beautiful lagoon in the world, is a little paradise. Take a 45-minute flight right from Rarotonga and you’ll get to see the romantic and secluded islets (motus) sprinkled throughout the sunlit lagoon. Despite the historical account of its survival from bloodthirsty sailors, it is now notable for being an archetypal tropical island. Many couples and honeymooners prefer to stay for vacation at this secluded, romantic hub hence its nickname Honeymoon Island.

Meeting the friendly locals


Te Maeva Nui Festival

Arts and Culture

You can observe ancient Polynesian culture in the day-to-day lives of the island’s people. Locals are the most passionate as they share such culture with the tourists. You will be enchanted at their fire dance and cultural shows at night. Discover local craft and authentic local cuisines at their Punanag Nui markets. Witness them singing passionately and wearing their finest hats at the church on Sundays. Celebrate with them during the annual Te Maeva Nui Festival every August.

scene at Rehab Night Club, Rarotonga

Island Nightlife

The party starts to heat up when the sun goes down. This destination claims the best nightlife of all the South Pacific’s islands. Raro provides a variety of vibrant after-dark activities. Locals and visitors alike soaked in cool island vibes with stunning vistas. Head out to any of the waterfront nightclubs to grab some drink or dance your way out. Join a nightlife tour or go to its nightclubs if you would prefer to live large.

Local version of fast food in the island

eat the island way

Eating Out the Island Way

The Cook Islands serve many food selections to satiate all tastes. Local fishermen here venture beyond the surrounding waters to create the best Pacific cuisine. Eating options are varied and vast for whatever you feel like. Fresh seafood is simply prepared using local ingredients from the volcanic island gardens.  Dining is made easy in a different site for every meal of your stay. Buffet meals are also offered featuring sought-after local dishes such as earth oven-cooked umu kai and ika mata or marinated raw fish. There are also cafes offering guests light meals with a great coffee.

See a once in a lifetime sunset

Seasons and Weather

When is the best time to come? The good news is that there is always a good time to visit The Cook Islands. You will enjoy their warm tropical climate any time of the year. Cooler months begin in June and end in August, the warmer season is from November to March while drier months include April to November and the damp season starts from December to March.

island chilling

Where else would you want to spend your vacation time? The Cook Islands are readily accessible, traditional, and modern. Make the most of your stay and enjoy it whatever the season.


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