The Winners of Our Fashion PR Search: Nude Couture Boutique 4 Winners Chosen.

Posted on Dec 3 2018 - 7:07pm by Nikki

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Our Winners

Criteria 1
Criteria 2
Criteria 3

Bloggers/influencers/Fashionistas on behalf of @nudecouture_boutique and us @coturesocial, we would both like to thank you all for entering our Fashion PR Search for 4 bloggers/influencers.

We have looked at everyone’s entries and profiles over the last couple of weeks (two weeks has promised)  and we can confirm our winners for this search.

Our winners were chosen by  (1)Points- A blogger with the most points that followed all we asked outlined upon entering our competition and (2) Merits- professional bloggers whose profile were submitted to the brand for consideration.

Our Winner 1: Georgia Phillips (@_georgia.phillips)

Winner Number 2: Louise Chambers (@louisechambers)

Winner Number 3: Amber Doig Thorne (@amberdoigthorne)

Winner Number 2: Stephanie Scolaro (@stephyscolaro)



Georgia Phillips (@_georgia.phillips)

Louise Chambers (@louisechambers)

Amber Doig Thorne (@amberdoigthorne)

Stephanie Scolaro (@stephyscolaro)

Once again, a big thank you to everyone who entered this Fashion  PR Search.


If you are an aspiring blogger with limited experience, do not be shy to perform the tasks outlined upon entering our  Searches/Giveaways. We do this to allow aspiring bloggers the opportunity to gain a competitive edge by showing the brands they would love to collaborate with, that they have what it takes. If you are an established blogger, we do not ask you to perform the tasks upon entering our Searches/Giveaways. This is because you will be chosen based on your merit.

Most brands will choose an established blogger, by allowing the aspiring blogger the opportunity to also enter our Searches, we feel we are able to contribute to the success of those just starting to climb the influencer ladder.

As long as you believe in us we will continue to find cool brands we know you would love to collaborate with.  If you would like to enter our Beauty Search, we are giving bloggers the opportunity to win beauty products courtesy of Dr. Bates Cosmetics


You can sign up here

Good luck xoxo

Team Coture Social:

Pssst- we know that our Name is spelt Coture Social and not Couture Social with a ‘U’. We wanted it this way. We promise it is not because we can not spell 🙂

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