India Moon: The Coat Queen of 2018

Posted on Nov 30 2018 - 7:28am by Mia Gardner

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India Moon is making her way downtown, walking fast as faces pass and she’s homebound. AND, she’s doing it in style. She’s our newest discovery in the blogosphere but we’ve had our eye on her for a while now. This 23-year-old is from Brighton and is currently studying film in London whilst making major fashion statements on the daily.

India Moon

As well as her blog where she uploads about fashion, beauty, health, wellbeing and travelling, she also recently started a YouTube channel. We’re predicting big things for this one in the future and see many exciting projects coming her way. For now, we’re 100% in awe of her coat collection – it’s like no other. We just couldn’t help ourselves so we’ve nailed it down to our top 5 faves to share with you.

India Moon, the icon

India Moon

Coming in at number one is this luscious fuchsia pink faux fur jacket from Missguided. Something that makes it so unique is the stripes and layers of the fur pelts that just look next level. It almost has an all-over ombre effect and paired with this black mini skirt and manicure, she’s looking futuristic chic.


India Moon

In second place, we’ve got something completely different here with major Burberry vibes. It’s a longline formal coat from River Island. You can never go wrong with a bit of tartan print over the autumn and winter periods. Something that works incredibly well is picking a specific colour in the pattern of your jacket and using it as an accent. Here, India Moon, has paired her coat with a colour-coordinated brown skirt to tie everything together.


India Moon

All is calm, all is bright. Say hello to a Topshop yellow fantasy in 3,2… India really knows how to work a quirky fashion piece or two. Here, she’s wearing a mustard yellow fur coat with a teddy and aviator feel and she’s paired it with a snakeskin little tote bag. Something (I think you’ll find that you have to admit) that you’d never normally even think to do. Therefore, another little trick you can take from India is to throw unusual items together because you can get the funkiest and most eye-catching combinations from them.


India Moon

Whoever said leopard print was trashy? Not in this case, it screams luxury realness. When it comes to the order in which we get dressed, we choose our outwear last. But how about thinking backwards? How about choosing a garish jacket and dressing around it. India threw on this bad boy from Topshop with a contrasting baby pink fur collar and instead of leaving it open to see the outfit underneath, it’s fully clasped. And it looks pretty fantastic, wouldn’t you agree?


India Moon

Finally, we’ve got the definition of a Missguided babe. What we’re especially loving about this outfit in addition to the major candyfloss bear vibes in the outfit as a whole. India has paired this jacket with a dress in a similar colour but a completely different material and she looks incredible. With cute and unique gold jewellery too, this is a definite look for this season.

Are you feeling inspired by India and her iconic coat collection?

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