#GirlBossThrowback: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen: powerful women who are more than just child stars

Posted on Nov 29 2018 - 7:22am by Samantha Robinson

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If you could be any child star who would it be? For us, we’re probably going to vote for being part of the Olsens… Mary Kate or Ashley, we’re not fussy. The American siblings were catapulted to fame as mere infants whilst acting on the television series Full House. The Olsens went on to star in numerous shows and films and even launch their own production company. Becoming household names, richer than our wildest dreams, and all whilst their friends hadn’t even graduated college!

It’s a dream of a career for any aspiring actress but what do you do when you have everything you could have ever dreamed of, and all at such a young age? Well, what draws us to this pair’s story is that fact that they appreciated everything that they’d worked for and then decided to work on new dreams. Hello, fashion world!

Now, the girls obviously already had a great fan base due to their acting careers but rather than just throw everything at the idea of selling fashion to them, the twins headed to university in NYC to ensure that they learnt as much about the industry as possible. Meanwhile, as the twins’ styles developed, the fashion press immediately began to pick up on this and add them to their most stylish lists. Mary Kate in particular whose style was often referenced to that of the leading fashion icons such as Kate Moss.

The Olsens began with a girls’ clothing line in the American Walmart, subsequently launching their own couture fashion label The Row, and later launching the contemporary Elizabeth & James inspired by their favourite vintage finds and own personal styles. The latter was also quite sweetly named after their brother and sister. 

Perhaps having such a public life from such a young age has made the pair extra protective about their personal lives. They have chosen not to have their own social networking profiles such as Facebook or Instagram, but naturally, their brands have their own accounts. Which means we don’t get to see snaps of their private lives.

What we do know about the twins, however, is that they are now an integral part of the fashion industry. One of the best career changes we’ve ever seen. Their label Elizabeth & James evokes mass appeal as it screams high fashion with its simple yet chic aesthetics but is available at an accessible price point. No matter their collection, however, they always design with the goal of helping all women to feel good about themselves.

Growing from strength to strength and in addition to clothing, their Elizabeth & James brand also features eye-wear, handbags, jewellery and fragrances. It’s no wonder that as of April last year, the Olsens’ net worth was noted as $400 million! The wide appeal of their fashion brands is working wonders for them.

And we’re thinking that everybody else is just as in love with the girls’ designs as we are given the number of tags on Instagram! Here are a few of our favourite inspirations showing how you’re wearing the Olsens’ brands.

The fans’ styles take the pieces from high fashion feel to street style must-haves.

This handbag by The Row is a piece that does not only transcend the styles but the seasons also. It’s a firm favourite on social media too.

So, maybe you’re not Mary-Kate or Ashley but if you’re lacking some inspiration regarding a career change, then you can definitely be inspired by this inspirational pair.

Images via Instagram @parkavepollyanna, @highfashionolsens @secret7978, @netaporter, @ruguo, @l_t_w_s_, @barvikhadream.


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