Dr Bates Solutions: Tropical, Natural & Effective Skincare

Posted on Nov 28 2018 - 7:02am by Mia Gardner

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This month’s giveaway competition is in collaboration with Dr Bates Solutions – a skincare brand born in 2014 from parent company Ayewa Aberfur meaning ‘pot science’. They specialise in creating beauty products with anti-oxidants, anti-microbial properties, neem oil and many other tropical ingredients. We’ve teamed up with them to offer you a chance to win an anti-acne bundle to clear your skin, an anti-ageing set to tighten, brighten and reduce the appearance of wrinkles along with a radiance set to renew dull skin, aid with dark spots, scarring and pigmentation issues too! But let’s find out even more about the brand.

How did Dr Bates Solutions skincare start?

The founder, Dr Nanayaa Bates actually created the brand during her first pregnancy. Whilst suffering from dark spots, dark patches and dull areas she decided that natural and nourishing products would be the solution. Being Ghanaian, she already had knowledge of the richest tropical ingredients to use. Consequently, the products contain a variety of formulas including shea, coconut, moringa, neem, papaya, miraculin and guava. All of which were researched, tested and formulated in her shed-turned-skincare-lab at home and are carefully selected for their functionality and role within for each type of product.

Our verdict

As part of this promotion, we’ve already started trying out the products for you. One of our writers has tried the face cream which has a pleasant smell. She has said that it not only brightens the skin but has also reduced the size of her pores. In addition to the face cream, she has also started using the radiance range for her hyperpigmentation issues and after just a week, she has noticed a vast difference. There are no irritations and her skin is left feeling fresh. Her early morning routine also involved using the face wash which feels warm on her face but also makes it brighter and again helps in the reduction of her pores. She is really excited about the Dr Bates skincare range and we’ll hear more from her in 5 weeks time to see what further skin benefits the radiance products have given her.


Now, if you’re dying to try their products make sure to enter our competition. Head over to our Instagram (@coturesocial) to find out how to apply. But, if you want to get your hands on some skincare goodies ASAP, here’s how. All of the products are available to be purchased online at www.drbatessolutions.com and if you need any help with anything they’re just one facebook message away. What’s so amazing about the collections is that they’re guaranteed to give you confidence. This is because you’ll undergo a skin transformation and may even wake up one day thinking, “I don’t need to put any foundation on today, I’m good to go.”

Future plans for Dr Bates Solutions

Having caught up recently with the creator of the brand, Dr Nanayaa says that she’s actually looking into skin ailments. At the moment, all of the products are cosmetics for use on the face but natural medicinal therapies for skin all over the body is something she’s passionate about getting involved with. Right now she’s loving the cleansers and brightening creams. Do you have any skin issues that you need help with? If so, Dr Bates has got you covered. Don’t forget to check out our giveaway together!

Cr: Instagram @dr.batessolutions

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