Angkor Wat? Why this is Cambodia’s greatest jewel

Posted on Nov 27 2018 - 7:07am by Stella M

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the Angkor Wat

Who would not be amazed by the unrivaled beauty and preservation of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Angkor Wat? It’s one of the most sought-after destinations for travellers. But how much do you know about the greatest, iconic temple of Cambodia? And did you know how beautiful and really thrilling it is to explore the very heart and soul of Cambodia?

All About Angkor Wat

You might be surprised by some interesting facts about Angkor Wat. Ready? Read on.

Temple ruins in Angkor, Cambodia


New temples and more ruins in this architectural masterpiece are being discovered almost every year.

gorgeous temples of Angkor

Tourist Destination

Over 50 percent of the tourists from different parts of the globe visit the country yearly for Angkor Wat. This makes Cambodians very proud of that they have placed their ancient temple on the Cambodian flag in 1850. It is even considered as the source of the nation’s fierce pride.

intricate wall details of Angkor Wat

The Construction

Angkor Wat was built from sandstone blocks which were quarried from Phnom Kulen and floated down Siem Reap River on the rafts. The logistics of this operation consume the labor of thousands of workers and elephants, yet was not fully completed.

Angkor Ruins

The ruins actually stretch more than 400 square kilometers. Most temple visitors have mistaken its size and only visit a few of its best known temples.

Angkor Wat afar

Original Angkor Wat Outer Wall

Angkor Wat’s wall once enclosed the city, the Royal Palace and the Temple Proper, occupying an 820,000 square meter space. It’s sad to say that nothing of this wall left today.

Celestial Nymphs

The temple, Angkor Wat, is notable for its over 3000 beguiling heavenly nymphs (apsaras) carved into its walls. Each of these nymphs is distinct with 37 varying hairstyles.


On the outskirts of the temple, there is a series of astonishing and very intricate bas-reliefs. These are carvings that signify some stories in mythology and historical events.

sun rise over Angkor Wat

The Avenue

Its 475 m long and 9.5 m wide avenue is lined with naga balustrades that lead from its main entrance to its central part.  It passes two graceful libraries and two pools. The northern part is perfect for a sunrise viewing.


The towers marking the corners of Angkor Wat’s second and third storeys are topped with lotus-bud towers. The central tower rises 31 meters above the third level and 55 meter above the ground. This provides sublime unity to the whole grand ensemble.

the monks

Temple Etiquette

Visitors of the temple need to dress modestly because temples are a representation of a religious place to Khmer people. You have to cover your upper arms and your shorts to the knees if you’re planning to reach the highest level of the temple. In fact, there is a code of conduct for the visitors with a reminder not to sit or touch the ancient structures, to respect the monks, and to focus on the restricted areas.

Trip Plans to Angkor Wat

It is best to visit the temple any time year round. Keep in mind of the peak season that starts in November and ends in February when it’s dry and cool. You may visit during the day when the weather is cooler but expect a huge number of the crowd. It’s also best to visit during lunchtime when most tour groups are wandering in town.

Spend at least three hours in exploring the whole complex and half of the day on reaching each of its cranny and nook. You may use motorbike taxis (motos) for a single person, tuk-tuks (remork-motos) for two, and minivans or private cars for small groups or families.

You will soon wander the ruins of Angkor Wat, the world’s once-great civilization.


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