How Flux Undies Are Kicking Periods In The Ass

Posted on Nov 26 2018 - 7:07am by Mia Gardner

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Ladies, just imagine how great it would be if instead of spending money on pads and tampons or faffing about with a mooncup you didn’t have to line or insert anything. To just throw on a pair of ultra-comfy knickers and be good to go. Well, Flux Undies are here and they’ve genuinely created magic. Just you wait and see. But you don’t have to because everything you need to know is right here so prepare to be amazed.

Flux Undies

Flux Undies are comfy, friendly to the good ol’ environment and reusable. Yep, you heard it right. You could finally say goodbye to the disposables you buy every month thanks to some crazy high-tech. This brand really are taking ethics and sustainability to the next level and I don’t know about you but I feel like investing.

Flux Undies

So, how exactly do they work?

Here’s the tea because we know you’ve been wondering how it could possibly work.

Flux Undies

For an in-depth explanation you can check out their website but we thought we’d sum up the process for you here. The first layer catches everything whilst preventing it from seeping back out, the second keeps bacteria and odour away, the third is the heavy duty layer the liquid will sit in and the fourth is to act as a barrier to stop any possibility of a leakage.

Now we know that not all of you reading this will be the same age and we’re all different. But, Flux has created this powerful and inclusive product for period protection, spotting, postpartum, discharge, sweat and incontinence. So no matter where you are or what the dress code is there is something for everyone.

Who is to thank for this sorcery?

It’s a product for women made by women. Founder, Paige Fashoni decided enough was enough when it came to that monthly fear of leakage and discomfort. She wanted to create an alternative and that she did. Flux was born in 2017 with five styles, two colours and seven sizes. All of which were and continue to be made by a family-run manufacturer with over 50 years of experience.

Flux Undies

We support their message that periods are nothing to be ashamed of and we love that they’ve made a luxury product that we can treat ourselves too. In addition to this, they actually have detachable pants for easy changing and styles ranging from a thong that holds a pantyliner’s worth to full briefs that can hold up to four tampons worth. If you didn’t believe in magic surely now you do.

Cr: Instagram @fluxundies

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