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Posted on Nov 20 2018 - 7:15am by Stella M

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Trnovačko Lake, Montenegro (The Balkans)

The culturally complex nature of The Balkans could be one of the many reasons that it is such a unique region in the world. The Balkan region consists of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Slovenia, the Republic of Macedonia, Croatia, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia and the European part of Turkey. So what’s in store for you in this strange, yet beautiful region?

Kranj | Slovenia

The Type of Vacation in The Balkans

Whether you want to have an adventure or just sit on the beachfront to be appeased, there’ll be something just for you. Wine regions, cosmopolitan capitals over a thousand islands, haunted castles, cobble-stoned streets, old bazaars, medieval towns, ancient ruins, and sandy beaches.

Berat | Albania

Its History

Pastoral scenes remain as home-grown as ever and occasional communist concrete block and Austro-Hungarian villas punctuate the winding Ottoman streets across the region. Ancient architecture pops-up across the urban landscape. History here is an epic other than ancient. It serves as the resting place and battleground of the Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, and Byzantine Empires. Stroll through its towns then you’ll see how they evoke the rise and fall of many civilisations.

Lush Forest

Great Outdoor Activities

Some parts of the region have been luring adventure enthusiasts for years but some have just been added to the do-before-you-die lists of the adrenaline junkies. Terracotta towns and rocky mountains spectacularly plunge into the Adriatic Sea along the Montenegrin and Croatian coastlines. Go hike and/or bike in the dramatic landscape of the Macedonian and Albanian mountain peaks. Spend a day rafting the wild rivers in Serbia, Slovenia, or Bosnia & Herzegovina. Should you prefer to embrace outdoors than to conquer them, boat rides will glide you past the incomparable scenery around.

Pakleni Islands

Island Hopping in the Pakleni Islands

Visit the deserted lagoons, crystal-clear waters, and hidden beaches of the islands. These islands are visible as wooded isles stretch out in front of the town. Some of these islands have restaurants, marina, and accommodation.

Accursed Mountain Hiking

Hike at The Accursed Mountains of Albania

Have a glimpse of the awe-inspiring landscape atop the Accursed Mountains. Its scenery is so impressive that it became a popular destination for backpackers. Getting this far is extraordinary as it truly removes you from the modern 21st-century life in Europe.

Sunflower Field in Zrenjanin, Vojvodina, Srbija

Ancestral Vineyard and Sunflower Field Visits in Vojvodina

Vojvodina’s pancake plains mask an unheard diversity in the country. It is notable for the best Serbian and Hungarian traditions, six languages and 25 ethnic groups. Charming Subotica offers art nouveau delights. Its tranquil nature is characterised by good roads representing an unhurried vibe for a slow travel.

Perast beach

Getting In and Around the Region

There are several international airports located in the region. These airports are available by the country. When your transport is by boat, check the ferries docked in the Mediterranean. Balkan Flexipass is considered as the cheapest way to travel around the region. It is valid in the countries of Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, and Macedonia.

the Balkan civilisation

When Best to Go

When thinking about the best time to visit The Balkans, you would need to firstly decide on your exact destination and your preferred activities. Note the different seasons of the region so you’ll know what to do on your chosen travel date. It can be sizzling hot during summer from June to August. Hiking is perfect during Spring (from March to May) and Autumn (from September to November.) You may also find other activities for Winter.


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