Sophie Brampton: Illustration Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Posted on Nov 19 2018 - 7:52am by Mia Gardner

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Do you ever see cool graphics online with a pop-art vibe and wonder who actually creates them? They look trendy and catch your eye but it’s rare that there’s a link to whoever created them. This is because a lot of companies outsource their brand image work to freelancers aka the real creatives. However, we recently stumbled across Sophie Brampton who caught our attention instantly.

Sophie Brampton

Who is Sophie Brampton?

She’s a freelance illustrator based in London who has an incredibly impressive portfolio. What started out as a bit of fun when she was younger has now potentially turned into a career for life. She’s in her twenties and has already worked with big names including Missguided, Cosmopolitan, K-Swiss, Boohoo, Superdrug, Quiz clothing and many more.

But it’s not just brands that she works with. You can actually contact her for one-off pieces to have as your very own. On her Instagram, she’s got a contact email in her bio and we’re thinking that something like this printed out would make an amazing Christmas or birthday present. Speaking of which, if you don’t have any ideas in mind, Sophie Brampton has her own Etsy store too. There, you can buy pre-existing prints for an affordable price of around just £15. Our newest #PowerCrush has already had nearly 200 sales and we’re supporting her all the way.

How did she get into it?

In an interview with Missguided, she said that she’s fascinated by three main things about women. Our bodies, fashion sense and individuality. With all that in mind, she started playing around and demonstrating this through colour with viral/popular quotes and phrases. What also makes her pieces standout are their truth. Within them, she doesn’t hide stretch marks or curviness – she embraces them.

Sophie Brampton is fully against shaming women and it’s actually the sexy vibes from her artwork that people really love. There is something so beautiful about appreciating women in their true form and it’s a movement that we’re backing all the way.

Cr: Instagram @sophierosebrampton,, Sarah Goad Photography

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