Gjelina: A Venice Hotspot Where You Can Share a Pizza with Celebrities

Posted on Nov 16 2018 - 7:36am by Andia R

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The most popular, hottest yet most puzzling restaurant in Venice. There’s a quieter terrace in the rear that you would love and you don’t need reservations. You can sit there among its fire pit and twinkling lights. The interior of Gjelina and its food are equally as dazzling and rustic yet kind of hip and modern. The restaurant is somewhat dark, with its signature electrical fixtures in all sorts of odd shapes over the bar.

The food has a Mediterranean influence with its small plates, charcuterie, salads and vegetables. Gjelina is also notable for its thin-crusted pizzas and you can order two of the best pies while deciding on your dinner. These are the Classic Margherita and the Hen of the Woods Mushroom, with Beet Greens and Taleggio. The Mushroom Toast with crème fraiche and truffle oil is “orgasmic” if you’re willing to unwind and be less uptight while at Gjelina.

If you are interested in sipping a few drinks, you can order a Belgian La Chouffe Tripple or a fruity beer. The list features various vintages, such as the ’86 Chateau Margaux from Bordeaux and lots of vegetables on the menu. You can also find half-dozen Malpeque oysters here or rave about the cheese platter which comes with honeycomb, artisan cheeses with marinated olives, toasts and Membrillo.

You can share other small plates too such as the grilled local Monterey Bay squid with a warm lentil salad and salsa as well as the wood-roasted cauliflower with garlic, parsley, chile, and vinegar. Everyone suggests that the pomegranate-lacquered Quail, with wild rice, mushrooms, sausage and roasted chestnuts s also succulent and moist. Other provocative, exciting dishes to try are the Jidori chicken livers, the lamb shoulder, and the pork belly. Maybe the most expensive item you’ll find on the menu is the seared Niman ranch bistro rib eye with green peppercorn sauce, arugula, and cippolini.

There’s one dessert that people consistently mention which is the Butterscotch Pot de Crème, salted caramel drizzled over the top and a coffee mug with sweet pudding topped with a layer of sea salt crystals followed by a dollop of créme fraiche. You may also like a decadent banana chocolate bread pudding with fresh cream and caramel.

So which celebrities have been spotted at Gjelina? Let’s have a look. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, his wife were spotted munching on pizza while Leonardo DiCaprio, Jessica Simpson, and Natalie Portman have also been seen going in and out of the large doors. The delicious pizza keeps the celebrities coming back. Imagine sharing a pizza with one of them!

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