Jess Ranger: Influencer, Homemaker, Queen

Posted on Nov 14 2018 - 7:45am by Mia Gardner

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Have you heard of Jess Ranger before? We’re predicting that her career is yet to blow up. She recently became a mum to Taylor Washington who can we just say already sounds like a movie star. The reason we’ve had our eye on her for a while is because she’s a new type of influencer. Carry on reading to find out why.

Jess Ranger

What makes Jess Ranger so different?

We’re obsessed with her style and not just her fashion sense. Her whole aesthetic from her social media even into her home is fabulously chic and trendy AF. She’s a lover of the colours white and grey, balloons and minimalistic pieces. We’re betting her new baby boy is going to be one of the best-dressed babies of 2018 and could give the Kardashian babies a run for their money.

The majority of her following is on Instagram although she does have a YouTube channel. On that platform, she’s got a handful of videos but many people’s favourite is the Q&A because it’s this type of content that allows us to really connect with an influencer. Aside from the fact that she and Keaton are pretty much relationship goals, she’s our newest #PowerCrush because we’ve got a feeling that there is so much more yet to come.

All it takes is one browse of her Insta to see how amazing the events are that she plans like her baby shower and even the smaller moments like announcing her pregnancy were captured so beautifully. But back to the topic of her style, we’re going to show you our top four fave outfits of Jess’ and why they’re all a mood.

Jess Ranger: A Fashion Icon

Jess Ranger

First up we’ve picked this gorgeous pink and grey vibe. Retro tops are a major thing right now. And with brands like Missguided collaborating with Barbie, that old-skool look they keep on bringing back is just too good. These pink trousers are also stunning and we love how they look paired with crisp white trainers.

Jess Ranger

Next up, the power suit-dress. Here, Jess is looking like a stunning young French woman, don’t you think? This green colour is super unique and we just can’t get enough. It’s not typically something you’d go for every day or would even come to mind but with a cute bag and a pair of heels or boots, you’ll be turning heads for sure.

Jess Ranger

Now, we know some of you have got last minute holidays planned to soak up some sun before Winter sets in the UK. If you will be jetting off somewhere and are in need of some style inspiration, you don’t need to look much further. This stunning silk pinstripe jumpsuit will bring out your tan whilst showing off your figure in all the right places. Now, you couldn’t really ask for much more, could you?

Jess Ranger

Finally, for those of you who are simply looking for a cool outfit to go shopping in or go for coffee with friends, here is the perfect one. A great tip you can take from Jess here is that colour coordinating doesn’t have to mean multiple colours that go together. Think of it as shade coordinating. Delicate creams and pale camel shades will always be a vibe and here with so many layered together, your outfit just looks more and more expensive. You can switch up the shoes and accessories to be as dressy or as casual as you like!

Are you feeling inspired by Jess Ranger? We sure are.

Cr: Instagram @jessranger

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