Girls Wear Gold: How They Reinvented Fashion To Be Much More Than Clothing

Posted on Nov 13 2018 - 7:00am by Mia Gardner

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Born in Paris, Made in England. An iconic catchphrase you’ll never forget. It’s known that they took inspiration from Coco Chanel along with David Bowie and the fusion of the two made fashion baby: Gold. They have a pretty niche image of beautiful and elegant Parisian chic paired with the adventurous side we tend to see in the English bits of fashion.


Gold is fairly new and we can thank Instagram for this most recent discovery and addition to our #GirlfriendCollection. But what else makes them so different? Everything is made in a sustainable way in England. Now, this is unusual for small start-up brands because doing things this way isn’t cheap. So this is where the luxury comes in and matches that higher price point.

What does it mean for Gold to be sustainable in fashion?

For Gold, having all of their clothing created in the UK means that they can ensure that their employees are paid well and work in good conditions. They don’t believe in fast fashion which is an industry a lot of popular high-street stores thrive in where they’re bringing out new designs and stock weekly, sometimes daily. Could the regular fashion calendar be dying out?

Because with brands like Gold, they’re conscious of their effects on the environment. Therefore, they use small manufacturers, local seamstresses, pattern makers and graders to provide some of the best original quality out there. Instead of releasing new things every week, they continue to focus on quality and durability. Think about it, if there are only a few items of the same piece of clothing being made, it feels more vintage right?

So that paired with their cruelty-free promise to use no fur, leather, suede or wool, this up-and-coming brand really are setting some high standards. It’s not easy being a new company and trying to make a name, image and brand for yourself when you’re against the mainstream. So, we take our hats off to you girls at Gold. Bravo and keep it going.

Cr: Instagram @girlsweargold

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