Lounge Apparel Sets Instagram On Fire With Hot New Designs

Posted on Nov 5 2018 - 9:10am by Mia Gardner

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Lounge Apparel has been super hot on social media recently with all kinds of influencers showing off items from their new collection. Everyone absolutely loves them right now and we wanted to find out what all the fuss was about. The brand was born in 2016 just two years ago and it’s come so far so we decided to do the research for you and find out what makes them so special.

Lounge Apparel

There’s so much more to it

It’s not just their designs, it’s their ethos. Lounge Apparel are all about supporting women not only physically but emotionally too. They do this by providing a unique combination of comfort and sexiness that us ladies usually have to choose between. Everyday comfort without needing to compromise that sultry aesthetic? Yes, please.

Lounge Apparel

Also, Lounge Apparel don’t just make underwear, as you may have guessed from the name, they sell clothing to lounge around in too. They’ve got a fabulous range of fabrics and designs to choose from and they only offer the best. So, if you’re after underwear to throw on in the morn, apparel for chilling at home or luxury lingerie for the eve, this brand’s for you.

Who have they been working with recently?

Shani Grimmond, Grace Fit UK, Tammy Hembrow and Jordan Lipscombe are just a few social media influencers who are promoting the brand right now. And you can really see just how much they love and recommend their newest creations. The most recent release to hit our screens is Lounge Apparel’s Silk Balcony set which really does scream sexy and comfortable vibes.

Lounge Apparel

It’s also nice to see some authentic inclusivity. For too long now, curvier women have had to shop elsewhere away from the mainstream brands to find underwear suitable for them. However, Lounge Apparel both recognise and demonstrate the importance of providing something for everyone.

What makes them so different?

They aren’t just another instagrammable brand. They have great brand values. Having a community of strong women to support each other and feel powerful is at the forefront. Encouraging confidence in yourself and your shape is the next. And finally, being able to provide that ‘I’ve got my life together’ feeling by creating beautiful matching underwear and loungewear.

Lounge Apparel only started up a couple of years ago but already they’re taking over the online world. They’re all about encouraging happiness and positivity which is what we’re all about at Coture Social.

Cr: Instagram @loungeapparel

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