Rosie Bea: The Influential Fashion Design Student

Posted on Nov 1 2018 - 10:05am by Mia Gardner

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Yep, she’s 21. She’s a student studying Fashion Design and her portfolio is just something else. Many young girls and guys who are interested in fashion go to university and could only dream of coming out having made business deals and being a well-known influencer. For Rosie Bea, however, this is simply her reality.

Rosie Bea

Who is Rosie Bea?

Whilst studying at university and partaking in a variety of cool fashion internships throughout, Rosie is an influencer on the rise. And, as well as having an audience of nearly 100 thousand people on Instagram, she’s also a British YouTuber who focuses not just on the content but heavily on the visual aesthetics too.

I think it goes without saying that she’s the most beautiful redhead we’ve ever seen (honestly, just wow). But back to the low down, Rosie was originally a blogger. She’s always created content on beauty, fashion, hair, interior design and lifestyle. But now, not only is she creating original content, she’s also working with some super high profile brands on very exciting projects which is why she’s our newest #PowerCrush.

Considering she’s only just about made it into her early twenties, she’s already collaborated with Maybelline, L’Oreal, Eyelure, Lee Jeans and Elegant Touch. Yes, she has her very own collections of false lashes and fake nails that you can buy. And in addition to this, she’s also featured in TV campaigns including L’Oreal True Match foundation and for Tresemme hair products.

Now, because Rosie Bea isn’t just talented and sought after in the beauty industry, we thought we’d do a segment on her amazing fashion sense. To be honest, it’s kind of a no-brainer being a fashion design student. But, we thought we’d share with you three recent outfits of hers that are extra spectacular and worth some praise.

Get Inspired: The Rosie Bea Look

Rosie Bea

First up is very seasonally appropriate for this Autumn and Winter 2018. It’s this trendy over-sized blazer jacket in a stunning camel colour. Now, it may be thanks to her scarlet locks that really makes this Zara-inspired staple look so sophisticated but it really is a flattering colour for everyone. Paired with the all-black outfit underneath, it just gives the coat even more wow factor.


Our second pick of the day is this blue and white stripey number. Now, this is the sort of co-ord that you’d see online or in a store window and think, “absolutely no chance”, but trust me, you’d be surprised what you can pull off. It’s normally the more quirky, out of the ordinary outfits like this that get the most compliments. And if you want to switch things up in the wardrobe department, Rosie Bea is the one to follow.


Rosie Bea

Finally, we have this alternative smart-meets-contemporary-galactic vibe. Now that was a mouthful. But don’t you think it just labels this style perfectly? The key to outfits like this is to pair things together that maybe in a million years you never thought would even be acceptable. Then, walk out your door with confidence, cool hair and accessories to match and you’re sorted. A pastel blue matching oversized suit with cropped legs and all white trainers? You’ve got to admit, it doesn’t sound the part but it sure looks it!

After seeing different ways you can step out of your comfort zone with when it comes to fashion, are you feeling more inspired? Let us know in the voting section at the top of this article!

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