Lucy Wood: That ‘Average’ Girl Who Is Anything But

Posted on Oct 13 2018 - 9:08am by Mia Gardner

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Searching for someone new to watch on YouTube? Fancy something old school and relatable but with a twist? If so, Lucy Wood is your girl. She’s an influencer based in London and despite the online world not quite being her full-time job, her content is quite frankly, bangin’.

Lucy Wood

This 27-year-old, originally from The Wirral, is actually a writer, and a pretty talented one at that. You can find some of her most recent work on Marie Claire and you’ll be instantly engaged by her wonderful humour and her natural talent of relatability. And what I mean by that is how through just a small piece of writing on literally whatever topic, Lucy Wood knows how best to capture your attention as a reader and give you something or a situation to relate to. You can actually find stacks of these funny little moments on her Twitter profile too.

However, the thing we love her for most and why she’s our newest #PowerCrush is a recent, original series she created on her YouTube channel. Average Girl Size.

What is Average Girl Size all about?

Lucy Wood effectively created a new hashtag using this label for herself and subscribers to celebrate their figure. She describes it as being that in-betweeny size where you aren’t a plus-sized babe but you’re not a petite size 8 or 10 either. And if you ask me, it’s genius. She’s totally right that there isn’t much content available online for women to gain realistic outfit inspiration for sizes 12-16 and she’s now filling in that gap in the market.

Some of our favourites, here at Coture Social, that we’ve loved so far are:

  • Size 14 Night Out Outfits
  • Average Girl Tries Pretty Little Thing Model Outfits
  • Testing Size 14 Jeans Across Ten Brands

In just May this year, Lucy had 50,000 subscribers and since creating more of this incredible content she’s now got just under TRIPLE that. And boy does she deserve it! She is inspirational and a fabulous example of what stepping out of your comfort zone can do for you. Lucy has always been open about her issues with body confidence and how she’s trying to achieve a healthier state of mind on the topic. And it’s thanks to genuine openness like this that people like you and me can relate and better ourselves as people too altogether.

Tell me more…

The hashtag actually stemmed from another series Lucy does – Average Girl Tries. She often states that her makeup skills are well and truly average and so she gives herself challenges every now and again to try new looks and techniques. It’s often new products that she tests out and her viewers love it so much because, again, it’s all about that relatability.

Lucy Wood

Something that is additionally fabulous about Lucy is how much she genuinely appreciates and loves her subscribers. She’s always active on social media despite her busy lifestyle as a hard-working young lady whilst making and posting videos when she can AND hosting giveaways. But she never forgets the huge pool of people who are to thank for supporting and praising her along the way.

How did she get to where she is now?

So, Lucy is currently living in London with her rather handsome boyfriend Adam and gorgeous feline Flo. All whilst being a freelance writer, online content creator and valuable influencer who gets sent amazing PR packages and invites to cool events where she’s recently been meeting icons such as Britney Spears. That’s right, Britney Spears. I can practically hear the intro to Hit Me Baby One More Time through this picture.

But to get there, she’s been on a journey, to say the least. When she decided what degree she definitely wanted to do, she studied English Literature. Then, she moved back up north to work remotely from home as a writer. She actually gained plenty of experience for that by interning whilst she studied in London. Now that is a helpful tip if you’re a student. Anyway, after lots of planning, she moved back down to London into a house share and dived in completely into Teen Journalism. Whilst doing all of that she still created YouTube videos and there is a particularly touching one about being cheated on in relationships. And hear me now, if you’ve been betrayed and/or are in the process of mending your heart, you need to go and watch it.

Since then, however, she met Adam and they moved in together last year and she’s never given up working and writing and doing what it is that she loves so much. She’s one to look out for and we’re picturing even more success for her. What do you think?

Cr: Instagram @lucyjanewood

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