The Bosco Café GUM: The World’s Romantic Fine Dining Spot

Posted on Oct 11 2018 - 7:17am by Stella M

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Bosco Cafe Gum

Found inside GUM, the most exclusive shopping centre in Moscow, the Bosco Café boasts of magnificent, close-up views of Russian iconic locations. Here, you will be tucked into its gourmet breakfasts, sumptuous lunches, and romantic dinners. Enjoy your scrumptious food and well-served wines within the Kremlin walls, Lenin’s Mausoleum, and St. Basil’s practically on your lap.

Bosco Cafe

An overview

The Italian classic Bosco Café is situated near the historical sights of Moscow at Red Square featuring excellent cuisine choices and the highest service. It was named after Bosco di Ciliegi, the enterprise that owns GUM. It blends harmoniously into the department store’s space with its rich story. This  chic bar can be reached through the Bosco Sports Boutique or from the Square.

the interiors

What to see?

Since it is operated by a fashion chain, the interior of the restaurant is beyond magnificent with its bright and slick design. The café features great views from the Red Square through its huge windows. Its interior is strikingly designed to attract more and more guests, especially tourists. It smells of coffee with the delicate and quiet hues of its walls, antique furniture, unique Murano glass chandeliers, colored marble flooring, and elegant lamps. There are two seating areas here – a chill-out zone with cowhide rugs and psychedelic colours as well as a modern-style retro 1970s vibe with its funky chairs. The swinging benches are as lovely as the bubble cocoon arm chairs.

The café is actually created by expansive rooms in liberty style.  The VIP-room is separated from its cosy patio at the second level. Its family dinnerware set was specially made at the legendary Richard Finori porcelain factory for this café. You will also have a glimpse of the virtuoso work of its chef through the glass display window that separates the kitchen from its main hall.

tartar de salmon

 What to eat?

Classic and modern-inspired foods from different cuisines are served at the café. Try its signature menus while learning some of its Russian culture. Have a sip of your favourite cappuccino or any coffee variant in view of Moscow’s Kremlin. Munch your lunch while seeing the crowd line up for the Lenin’s Mausoleum. Indulge in an afternoon aperitif as you admire St Basil’s domes.


You can have pastries and light snacks if you opt to have a lighter indulgence. Its double confectionery display showcases delicious desserts served in festive gift boxes. Never miss tasting its distinct designer ice cream flavours of tobacco or tangy tomato and basil. The notable BOSCO Café tartlets sold in gift boxes can be bought directly at the line and are ideal for a home treat.

designer ice cream

iconic sightings around

When Best to Visit?

Summer could be the best time to visit the café as it promises you the enhanced views of the surrounding iconic sights of the city right from its terrace. Just keep in mind that it closes when the weather gets cold. You can always visit Moscow anytime you’re able and can already see some of its historical, architectural, political, and cultural sightings by just sitting at BOSCO for an indulgence. Just be mindful of the over-priced tourist traps that have sprung up along with the increasing popularity of the Kremlin district.

Bosco Cafe's ambiance at night

With its unbeatable central location on the Red Square, the Bosco Café is just a perfect point to relax and refuel after a long day of sight-seeing or designer window shopping.

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